Jumbo Shrimp Inc

Posted on October 25th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


Jumbo Shrimp Inc

Last Sunday afternoon-Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats attended a 2-hour neighborhood block-party. A hundred or so people, handful of tables, handful of food trucks and the Jumbo Shrimp Inc band. No fooling, one of the nicest events that Jeff Eats has been to in quite some time. No DRAMA! Beautiful weather. Plenty of delicious food & drink and 86.5 neighbors that I actually still talk-to! AND a “YOUNG” 4 piece Palm Beach County- Rock N Roll band that everyone loved. By the way when I say YOUNG I mean YOUNG- try ages 13 to 16.

Now, nothing for nothing, but I think that most of you guys know by now- that Jeff Eats has been kicking around the music business for something like 44 years…for those of you who don’t- you may want to checkout “About Jeff” on for some bio-stuff. With that said, I kinda like to think- that I know my-music…

Let’s talk about Jumbo Shrimp Inc.

First things first, we aren’t talking young Johns, Pauls, Georges, Ringos or even Petes here…what we are talking is–4 terrific dedicated kids who LOVE music…trust me, for 2 solid hours-non stop they performed some pretty decent 60s-90s covers and a handful of self-penned original stuff. The bet here, is that we got doctors, lawyers, accountants, businessmen in the making…as I told them last week, no matter where fate takes them…THEY SHOULD NEVER EVER NO MATTER WHAT put those guitars, horns or sticks down.

It’s bands like Jumbo Shrimp Inc that makes-being in the music business so much fun. It’s groups like Jumbo Shrimp Inc that make people feel great and have a good time.

Two thoughts for the band… at this stage of your game, stick to the hits-the originals may be terrific, but a neighborhood block party crowd “wants” to hear stuff that it can sing along to…and your “Shout”- absolutely kills-NEVER EVER EVEN THINK of dropping that number from the act.

Printed below is some “bio” stuff I grabbed from Jumbo Shrimp Inc’s website

By the way, the band plays clubs/events all over South Florida…its schedule and various audio/video stuff are also at

A high energy 4-member band started by friends who all attend the School of Rock in North Palm Beach and are from the ages of 13 – 16. Besides the obvious musical aspect, attending the School of Rock has provided them with the confidence and professionalism to put on a great and entertaining performance. Originally formed in 2012 by Ben Rothschild and Dylan Thomas. They played an open mike night with a sit in drummer, and it soon became apparent a full time bassist and drummer were necessary. They found their solutions, in John Cardillo (the third of his name and the jumbo in JUMBO SHRIMP), and Angel Leiser. With John’s unique left handed drumming style, Angel’s epic baselines, Dylan’s electric onstage energy, and Ben’s powerful songwriting, they have made a splash playing once a month at SwampGrass Willy’s Bar and Grill in Palm Beach Gardens and have released 2 singles on ITunes. These singles (Be With You and Fall Apart), capture the bands sound very well and will be also included on their debut EP (Release Date: 04/27/14). They are also trying to branch out to other cities in Florida! Stay tuned for this young bands bright future.
Group Members
Dylan Thomas (Guitar, Sax, Vocals), John Cardllo III (Drums, Percussion), Ben Rothschild (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet)

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