Sweet Dewey’s BBQ (Boca Raton)

Posted on October 22nd, 2014 · American BBQ Boca Raton


* Sweet Dewey’s BBQ, 9181 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434, (561) 488-9688.

Jeff Eats is practically flying blind here…

I’m hearing that sometime in mid-November, 2014 Sweet Dewey’s BBQ-a hole in the wall bbq- joint is set to open in Boca Raton. Sweet Dewey’s is owned/operated by Dwayne Hooper who in past-lives “cooked up” some real delicious food at Boca Raton’s… Polo Club, Saint Andrews Country Club and La Vieille Maison. Looks- to Jeff Eats, like Mr. Hooper is now going for the gold- with his own “shop.”

So what do we know?

1. Sweet Dewey’s BBQ is gonna be a bbq restaurant…thus the name Sweet Dewey’s BBQ.

2. Sweet Dewey’s is gonna be a hole in the wall. How do we know this? We know this-because Jeff Eats knows the exact location where the joint is being built…tiny, would be kind!

3. In 3-prior outings, Dewey’s owner, Dwayne Hooper showed that he can-cook! Jeff Eats has tasted the- Man’s food-and he can cook!

Now, what we don’t know, is whether or not Dwayne Hooper can cook/and run a restaurant all-on-his-own.

Stay tuned- these are the type of “ventures” Jeff Eats loves to follow.

Finally, just a gut call here, but Jeff Eats will bet you a quarter- that when all is said and done…Sweet Dewey’s BBQ ends up-a home run joint, turning out top notch bbq ribs, bbq chicken, wings and other stuff. Now mind you, this is just a gut call, but I’ll cover all the bets that you guys might like to lay down.

For those who may care, Jeff Eats is thinking that -decent location, decent rent, decent food, decent prices, weak to no competition within 3 miles N-E-S-W of Sweet Dewey’s location could spell “winner” for this hole in the wall joint.

Like I said, stay tuned…

3 Comments to “Sweet Dewey’s BBQ (Boca Raton)”

  1. KSR says...

    Was next door yesterday picking up from Bamboo Wok and looked it. Almost done with construction. Order at counter. Handful of tables inside and outside.

  2. Ed says...

    Looking forward to going to your restaurant to-
    night, 12/21/14

  3. Lisa says...

    Terrible fatty cold BBQ

    Just tried it and it was terrible.

    Had the platter with pork, brisket, sweet mashed potatoes and sweet potatoe fries.

    First the meat was all cold. The brisket was all fat, had to send it back and get a order of the pork. Both metas was cold.

    The Sweet Dewey BBQ sauce was OK. The Spicy sauce had no spice and the buffalo sauce was completely disgusting.

    1st and last time.

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