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4 Alarm Pizza

Posted on October 21st, 2014 · American Fast Food Italian Pizza


***** 4 Alarm Pizza.

Recently came across a real- good food truck…4 Alarm Pizza.

Now, you know and Jeff Eats knows that pizza-joints are a dime a dozen down here in sunny South Florida…for that matter, so are food trucks. With that in mind, IF I was in the “food business”- I’d want to own a restaurant/food truck which had terrific- reasonably priced food AND a hook/look to draw people “in”…well, I guess the folks behind 4 Alarm Pizza took the same- University of Food Business classes that Jeff Eats did–because, 1. they purchased and retrofitted an old-big-red-fire truck with a Baker’s Pride Gas Pizza Oven and a huge flat screen tv, 2. they baked-up delicious thin crusted/sweet sauce New York Style Pizza, 3. they priced slices and whole pies at local pizza joint prices.

Now, Jeff Eats has “done” his fair share of food truck events and I gotta tell you, that-that RED FIRE TRUCK definitely catches your-eye. Just so we are straight, I’m not saying that your “purchase” is gonna be made from 4 Alarm Pizza-but I guarantee you, that in a row- full of food trucks, you will at least give 4 Alarm Pizza’s firetruck a real-hard look and- that’s half-the-battle right there!


Delicious pizza, cool looking truck, reasonable prices…

4 Alarm Pizza works food truck events/private parties all over South Florida. You can follow/book the truck at (561) 487-5026.

By the way, 4 Alarm Pizza has a steady gig Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm- a “drop” WEST of the intersection of Palmetto Park Road/441 in Boca Raton…

One final thought, if I was the owner of 4 Alarm Pizza- I think that I would buy-me some red fireman-hats for the staff…and if I could swing it, hire a couple of good looking 25-30ish aged fire GIRLS and dress them in black shorts/white tee shirts/red suspenders/big red fireman hats to help dish the pizzas out-but that’s just me! For those of you now screaming Jeff Eats The Sexist – throw in a couple of good looking 25-30ish aged fire GUYS (same dress), if that-floats your boat!

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  1. EHG says...

    Had its pizza and it was very good.

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