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The Good Humor Man

Posted on October 20th, 2014 · American Desserts Fast Food


***** The Good Humor Man.

This is a real-simple “story” to tell…

Yesterday afternoon Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were guests at a block-party in Boca Raton. Handful of food trucks, band, tables & chairs–and a 1969 Good Humor Ice Cream Truck stocked with all kinds of Good Humor Ice Cream with The Good Humor Man in a white Good Humor uniform/hat/metal change-maker handing the stuff out.

Nothing more to say, other than the Chocolate Eclair, Toasted Almond and Candy Center Crunch ice cream pops that I devoured- were absolutely delicious and for a few-seconds took me back to 811 Cortelyou Road Apt: 6M, Brooklyn, New York where I grew up as a kid in the 1950s-1960s. All I can tell you, Good Humor Ice Cream was great back then and it’s still-great today!

Let me wrap this up, The Good Humor Man works food truck/festivals/private events all over South Florida. You can follow/book “him” at–(561) 289-8169.

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  1. ZED says...

    Jeff, Loved you 4/19/12 story.


    As a kid growing up in Brooklyn (1950s-1960s) at 811 Cortelyou Road Apt. 6M—two ice cream “trucks” Bungalow Bar and Good Humor competed on a daily basis for “us” kids’ business. When I think back on those days, I can’t believe that ice cream bars were 5 & 10 cents, pizza was 15 cents a slice, a small coke was a nickel, a hamburger was 20 cents, french fries were a dime, a haircut was 50 cents, for 50 cents you got to watch two movies and three-four cartoon shorts and a gallon of gasoline was going for 20 cents a gallon…I also remember my mother “buying” me and my brother an encyclopedia–one book every week for $1 until the set was completed from the local Waldbaum’s Supermarket. Crazy as it may sound to “youngters” out there- but every couple of blocks, there was a candy store, local market, bar, bakery, diner…back then most families only had 1- car, there were no shopping malls and kids either walked to school or rode the public bus which was 15 cents and the bus driver made change for you. There was no Starbucks-Costcos-Walmarts-Targets-Wendys—but there were plenty of Chock Full O’ Nuts, Nedicks, Ebingers. There were no soda machines that let you mix 100 different Coke flavors, but all of the candy stores had soda fountains and ice coolers which you stuck your hand into- and searched the freezing cold water for the bottle you wanted.

    This one is open to everyone.

    Tell Jeff Eats of days long past.

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  2. Sid L. Turner says...

    This a very good food truck.
    I have seen it at several events and it’s always busy.
    The truck has all of the Good Humor favorites.

  3. Mike says...

    “Bungalow Bar tastes like tar
    the more you eat the sicker you are”

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