What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Posted on October 17th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other

* What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Remember when you were a kid and Scholastic Magazines- would have a picture in it and ask-you what in the picture was wrong?-Sure you do!

Same game here (although the answer is already provided).

Democrats, Republicans, Independents–Jeff Eats could care-less…somebody better get a grip on this country and FAST!

Common sense tells me that if Ebola is “coming” into the United States via parts-of-Africa, then you ban flights from those countries into the United States.

Common sense tells me that when a man beheads a co-worker screaming Islamic sayings and has a website dedicated to Islamic terrorism, then the guy is a terrorist-and the beheading isn’t some run of the mill workplace violence incident.

Common sense tells me that when a US army officer opens fire killing fellow soldiers (with him screaming) Islamic sayings, then the guy is a terrorist and the attack isn’t some run of the mill workplace violence incident.

Look! I know Jeff Eats is a “renown” food critic, I’m definitely not a trained political scientist…but I do know- when the President of the United States is pandering to certain groups of people-and he is DEAD WRONG in his thinking!

I’m sure you guys have your own thoughts on this stuff…


15 Comments to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. LODI says...

    For the love of money I can’t figure out why Obama won’t put a travel band on countries that have Ebola. This man is so political that he would put the risk of all Americans’ Health.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      The soldier that killed all of those soldiers and Obama calls it workplace violence. Or the Muslim that beheaded a woman a week or so, workplace violence. Obama is a political animal. He is an insult to America. It is so obvious that he is pro Islam that it’s no longer funny. What a shame that this bum still has 2 years left to go.

    • HerbK says...

      Speaking of political, most of the people that are scaring everyone and giving out bogus information, are the same ones who insisted that Terri Schiavo could talk, feel, and had brain activity.

  2. ZED says...

    Bush was an imbecile. Needlessly invading Iraq started all of this crap.
    However Obama is a moron.
    Call a terrorist a terrorist.
    Put travel bans in.
    Wipe out ISIS.
    The man is afraid to do anything.
    Just watch next he’ll let Iran get an atomic bomb.

  3. ZIPPO JAMES says...

    Israel has been very quiet lately. Don’t be shocked to hear one morning that it attacked Iran to get rid of that nuclear threat.
    Obama is so over his head that its scary.
    Very scary times right now and most people are now figuring out Obama is scared to make a move.
    BUY GOLD!!

  4. Sid L. Turner says...

    The picture says it all.
    They know how dangerous this Ebola disease is yet they let a worker near a victim and he is unprotected.
    This country is being run by the Keystone Kops.

  5. Sandy G says...

    Just look at all of the polls, the public has lost faith in Obama’s ability to run foreign policy.
    Look at the headlines, Hillary has turned on him. Panetta has turned on him. These should be telling you something that being his personal aides think he is incompetent.
    Obama fails to call things as they are.
    ISIS he called them a JV team.
    The Army officer and the worker he won’t call terrorists.
    There is something very scary about an American President who thinks that the United States should take a backseat to anyone.
    Hopefully the Republicans take the Senate and we will be rid of Harry reid and his buddies running the show.
    What we need is a stalemate until we can get a new president in office.
    By the way, I thought that President Bush was a loser and an idiot.
    Right now I am sick of what’s happening in this country.
    I do know that I sure would feel better if Romney was now calling the shots. At least he wasn’t a pussy.
    Hillary would also be better in the White House than Obama She is much more level headed.
    This Obama goes from one mistake to another and then tries to cover them up.
    He really stinks.

    • Shelly H says...

      Do you mean Hillary “What’s the difference” Clinton who could care less about American lives lost on her watch?

  6. Mike W says...

    Lets call a spade a spade.
    If Obama wasn’t Black there is no way in the world that he would ever gotten the Dem nomination nor elected.
    The man had absolutely no experience.
    He was a neighborhood organizer.
    The American people bought into the BS and are now paying the price.
    He is afraid to make a major move on anything.
    The polls says and tell all, people know he is incompetent.

  7. KSR says...

    What’s Commander Obama going to do now?

    Reuters) – Iraqi pilots who have joined Islamic State in Syria are training members of the group to fly in three captured fighter jets, a group monitoring the war said on Friday, saying it was the first time that the militant group had taken to the air.
    The group, which has seized land in Syria and Iraq, has been flying the planes over the captured al-Jarrah military airport east of Aleppo, said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    Reuters was not immediately able to verify the report.

    U.S-led forces are bombing Islamic State bases in Syria and Iraq. The group has regularly used weaponry captured from the Syrian and Iraqi armies and has overrun several military bases but this was the first time it had been able to pilot warplanes.

    “They have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots before for (former Iraqi president) Saddam Hussein,” Abdulrahman said.

    “People saw the flights, they went up many times from the airport and they are flying in the skies outside the airport and coming back,” he said, citing witnesses in northern Aleppo province near the base, which is 70 km (45 miles) south of Turkey.

    It was not clear whether the jets were equipped with weaponry or whether the pilots could fly longer distances in the planes, which witnesses said appeared to be MiG 21 or MiG 23 models captured from the Syrian military.

    Pro-Islamic State Twitter accounts had previously posted pictures of captured jets in other parts of Syria, but the aircraft had appeared unusable, according to analysts and diplomats.

    The countryside east of Aleppo city is one of the main bases of Islamic State in Syria, where the al Qaeda offshoot controls up to a third of the country’s territory.

    • Shelly H says...

      I don’t know why your so upset, Pres. Obola said ” ISIS is not Islam”.

  8. Shelly H says...

    And now we have an Ebola Czar who was Al Gore’s Chief of Staff. The New York Times is going to have to call Al Jazeera to find out whats happening.

  9. mark says...

    The issue with the army shooting is that the army has no rules on terrorist within the ranks. So they have no way to prosecute him under military law so they had to go with workplace or send him to a civilian court.

  10. Shelly H says...

    Hi Jeff:
    The photo at the top of this entry was on the local news this past week end. I showed the discrepancy to my wife, but the local newscaster absolutely did not see the anomaly.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      So what, some local reporter didn’t get it. Obama didn’t get it either.

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