Obama Care Figured Out For You!

Posted on October 14th, 2014 · Deals Music/Events/Other


* Obama Care Figured Out For You!

Today, Jeff Eats received a letter from Humana Health Insurance Company of Florida, Inc…

In a nutshell, the letter said that if I wanted to basically keep the same health care insurance coverage that I had in 2014- in 2015 the monthly premium rate would go from $626.69 to $1,460.06.

Since Jeff Eats is primarily a food-blog…this increase would be like- you eating in a restaurant on 12/13/14- getting a bill for $6.27 and on 1/1/15 eating the same thing in the same restaurant and getting a bill for $14.60…with the owner telling you, hey! you had to help pay the bill for these other customers so that’s why you have to pay more!

Do you know what absurd is! Well this is ABSURD!

This is an outrage and Chief Justice Roberts should be ashamed of himself.

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  1. JR (Boca Raton) says...

    I am an independent insurance agent here in Florida.
    The new rates under Federal Health Care Reform will be officially released on 11/15/2014. People are going to shocked when they see the jump in rates that start on 1/1/15.
    Starting 11/15/14 if not sooner, masses of people are going to be shopping for new coverage and policies.
    The increase that you mentioned is typical.
    Obama Care is going to prove to be an absolute disaster.
    If you meekly went along you would be paying close to $10,000 a more for the same coverage you had last year and the year before that and the year before that one.
    No one in their right mind would may that increase.
    The Exchange is confusing. There are no bargains there.
    This is a MESS.
    You are right, the Supreme Court could have prevented all of this. The voters could have also stopped this by voting for Romney but people are as dumb as sheet!

  2. KSR says...

    The Republicans may not be the sharpest tacks in the box but they knew that Obama Care would help kill off the middle class. They tried to warn everyone but Obama has the demographics on his side.
    Your not alone here.
    Those letters are going out all over the United States and people are going to be real pissed and troubled.
    If you are in the middle class, you got screwed royally by this Chicago hack.

  3. Justin says...

    Whatever you do, don’t blame the very good Gov. Scott for not opening a healthcare exchange.

    Also, ignore the fact that most of us could never get insurance due to preexisting conditions.

    Ignore those things because then you couldn’t blame the “demographics,” especially the one in the White House.

    I was so much better off in 2008.

    • Nookey T says...

      Why should I be penalized because your a sick little f@ck?
      Life is unfair get over it.
      Now the Govt is trying to even the table.

      • Justin says...

        Except it didn’t work that way, Nookey T. Under the old system, those with insurance were still paying for those without, Genius. Under this system, there’s at least some personal responsibility and the govt. is holding everyone accountable.

        Do some thinkin’, Nookey T, or keep wastin’ your time watching Fox & Friends turn 50% of America’s brains into mush.

        • Anthony Franza says...

          Justin, Why should others go broke taking care of you?

  4. Alley White says...

    In 2008 I voted for Obama. In 2012 I voted for Romney.

    If you folks havent yet figured it out, Obama is a socialist. He wants you to share what you have with your neighbor until everyone has the same amount.

    I got fooled but quickly figured out that Obama is a total incompetent. Health care is just one area. Dont believe me just turn on your tv and see how General Obama is doing fighting Mideast Terrorists.

    I agree with others that when people see the new 2015 healthcare rates they will definitely be unhappy campers.

    • Johny T says...

      Never ever had a problem getting insurance.
      Just because others did doesn’t mean that I should have to foot the bill for them.
      I know guys who can’t buy a Mercedes. Using your reasoning I should help them with their payments.

      • Justin says...

        And just because I don’t use the library or support wars or ever had a fire at my house doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

        What’s with 50% of America these days? Nothing but a bunch a self-centered asshats who do nothing but whine about helping other Americans?

        No one knows what tomorrow holds. You’re healthy today and tomorrow you get diagnosed with lung cancer. Suck it up, right? And you’re the ones who maintain we’re a Christian nation.

        As if.

        • Nookey T says...

          You’re full of crap.
          You would f@king faint if someone told you your insurance payment was going up $900 a month.
          Hate bs artists like you.

  5. Anthony Franza says...

    Jeff hold your horses, with Obama in office my 92 year old mother knows that her right to have an abortion is a gimme.

  6. cory says...

    Hey Justin….you give these folks way too much credit They come from the generation that stood around with their hands in their pockets while blacks drank from their separate fountains and rode in the back of the bus. They’re the ones that still want women to stay at home and bake cakes.

    It’s their demographics, don’t you know.

    • Nookey T says...

      cory, don’t you think that it’s a bit absurd for insurance to go from $600 a month to $1500 a month?
      That’s almost 10 grand a year.
      Maybe your made out of money but most of us aren’t.
      By the way, I just happen to be Black, so so much for your Black and demographic crap.
      I think it’s insane.

  7. TURNER says...

    Makes sense to me, Rob Peter to feed Paul.
    Obama is a jerk.
    Wait till millions of people next month see their new premium rates.

  8. Lester says...

    Fellas, I may not agree with everything that is being said here, but it’s true that if Gov. Scott allowed for exchanges that costs for everyone would be more reasonable. We need to push for that so that these costs come down.

  9. Brad says...

    When our home owner’s insurance or car insurance goes up we blame the insurance company and go look for a new company that offers us a better price. Newsflash, people: medical insurance works the same way, especially now that you can’t be turned away for a preexisting condition. And if Gov. Scott would act responsibly instead of being a shill for the Koch Bros., Floridians would get even more choices and lower costs.

    Nookey T…not sure when the last time you were in a hospital but a couple bedpans will run you 10 G’s. We know nothing about Jeff’s age or medical condition but hospitalization and treatment for a heart attack can cost 100’s of thousands of dollars. Spending ten grand for a whole year looks pretty good in comparison.

    For all of you who look at this as nothing but the haves paying for the have nots: that’s the old system when all of us who had insurance paid for those who had not through higher premiums and higher medical costs. Under the ACA, everyone is held responsible for their healthcare. And if you choose not to be responsible, you pay a penalty.

    Is it perfect? No. It’s brand new. But it corrects a system that was spiraling out of control. Republicans had 8 long years to do something about it and they did nothing but come up with Medicare Part D. And they did so with most of their party kicking and screaming.

    Now they have an opportunity to tweak the ACA and all they’re doing is wasting time conducting useless votes to repeal it.

    Every American pays for fire and police services, the library, public education, roads, airports, and on and on…even though we may not use them. Some of us pay more than others because of where we live or how much we buy or how much we make. It’s a system that is based upon the concept of Americans helping other Americans and helping the country. Why this concept has suddenly become unpopular with a certain portion of America is beyond me. But it’s sad to see.

  10. Sid L. Turner says...

    This one is a no brainer.
    In one day the cost of sandwich goes from $6.20 to $14.50. The only reason being is because you have to help pay for other people’s sandwiches.
    Makes no sense.

    • Skip says...

      Call me crazy, Sid, but I would get mad at the restaurant charging me $14 for that sandwich and then I’d go to another sandwich shop to get the $6 sandwich that I want. That simple.

      • Mike W says...

        Pretty simplistic.
        That 625 that is now 1,460 isn’t that easy to replace.
        Go to the Exchange it doesn’t work just like that.
        Jeff and others like him are going to be royally screwed come 1/1/15.
        Do you have any idea what the difference of 625 x 12 and 1,460 x 12 is?
        Obviously NOT.
        That $10,000 a year breaks down to $200 a week. There are Families of 4 that live on that sum for food per week.
        Obama Care is ridiculous.
        Just watch the out cray as more and more people get letters like Jeff did in the coming days.

        • Skip says...

          I don’t all the prices but I sure do know there are choices.

          Hopefully, Crist gets elected and opens up exchanges and makes it right for Floridians like Jeff Eats. It’s a lot easier to get your cray on and just blame Obama for everything (you hear he wants Ebola to infect America so that he can delay the 2016 election?) but, hey, that’s the crazy world we live in today.

          • Emerald Green says...

            Crist?? He is a cameleon! He WAS a Republican, THEN changed to an Independent and NOW a Democrat. He’s perfect for you Skippy, because which ever way the wind BLOWS he will float with it…….please

          • Shelly H says...

            Hey Skip: I really don’t believe Pres. Obola wants to delay the elections, but do you honestly think he and his minions have done anything to prevent the spread of Ebola. Why do we still allow people to fly here carrying passports from the infected countries of Africa. Thats an interesting demographic for you….And Yes telll me again that the Islamic State In Syria is not Islam…and remind me is Putin still doing his stuff in the Ukraine. I am not blaming him for everything..Only whatever he has touched with his looney brand of ego brandishing brand of politics.

          • mark says...

            Reagan was a Democrat then he was a Republican we have a history of electing chameleons..

          • mark says...

            Shelly why did Rick Perry let Ebola in Texas why did he make sure the CDC did not train in his state? Yes that is just as nuts as what you said:)

          • Emerald Green says...

            Mark, Ronald Reagan was a Democrat until 1962. He personally told me he left the party because of the Dem’s shifitng and not standing for the same values as when he joined the party. Crist is scum!

          • mark says...

            Emerald Crist told me he changed because the repubs shifting and not standing for the same values as when he joined the party. Reagan was scum.

          • Emerald Green says...

            Mark, is a liar and is scum

          • mark says...

            Emerald what lie did i speak?

          • Emerald Green says...

            Mark…. nice way to begin your BS; “Crist told me he changed because the repubs shifting and not standing for the same values as when he joined the party”. And your follish opinion “Reagan is scum”…No, you are scum! What did you ever do to help this world?

  11. LODI says...

    The other day WALMART said that it was discontinuing health care coverage for 30,000 part time US workers. They said it was too expensive under Obama Care. Everty major company is doing that.
    So Obama Care has now cost 30,000 and probably millions of others company sponsored and paid health care.
    Obama Care is a mess.

  12. Skip says...

    C’mon, Lodi. Every major company isn’t doing that, for one. Secondly, while it was another low class move by Walmart with its workers, they can still get their own insurance through the ACA. In fact, depending who you talk to, it may even work out better for them.

    It’s misinformation like this that is causing Americans to unnecessarily worry.

    Here’s what makes me angry: Walmart, a company that makes literally billions of dollars every quarter, is doing this to save themselves money. It’s their right, of course, but why isn’t there outrage that an immensely profitable corporation is cutting worker’s benefits so that the company officers can continue to take their 4 trips a year to St. Barts?

    • LODI says...

      Walmart is a public company. Its sole purpose is to make money for its shareholders.

      • Skip says...

        That’s probably what Humana would tell Jeff Eats, too, about his rising premium. “Too bad, Jeff. You pay more so that our wealthy shareholders get more.”

        You want to talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul…there you go.

  13. KSR says...

    For those of you who have it in for Gov. Scott go and vote for C. Chris who was tied to Scott Rothstein.
    Scott is a multi millionaire. No matter how he made the money he now doesn’t have to be beholden to anyone like Chris does.

  14. Jesse says...

    It’s Crist, KSR. Crist.

    No one who votes for a guy who was tied to one of the largest medical frauds ever should be pointing fingers at Crist and his relationship with Rothstein, whatever it was or wasn’t.

    There are plenty of things to gig Crist on but Scott supporters should definitely stay away from the Crist/Rothstein relationship. They have their own problems in that regard in Scott.

  15. Skip says...

    Scott supporters would be smart not to bring up criminal activity in their criticism of Crist. Because, ou know, there’s that little matter Scott was involved in.

    And KSR…it’s spelled C-R-I-S-T.

  16. David L says...


    Is there any chance that your rate increase could also have to do with you publishing the fact that you ate 15 White Castle Cheeseburger Sliders in 23 minutes???

    …Big Brother is watching.

    Thanks for starting the debate. It’s interesting to see everyone’s opinion.

    • JeffEats says...

      David L,

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      God only knows what the rate increase- would have been if I had eaten 19 sliders in 23 minutes!

      Thanks for reading…

  17. Zak says...

    Jeff, has to be the only food blog that somehow managed to equate rising health care insurance premiums and restaurant prices.
    That’s what makes this site so good. You never know where you are going to take us for our next ride.

  18. Ken W. says...


    Wait until people try the site. I’m sure most assume it was fixed. I used it the other day and it hasn’t been fixed at all. That only cost 1 Billion.

  19. Deliman says...

    Just think what this country has become when a man has been paying $600 a month for a premium and because of a mandated Federal Govt program that premium now goes to almost 1500 a month. That is absolute insanity.
    In the coming days and weeks people all over the country just like Jeff eats are going to be getting letters like the one Jeff eats got. There is no way in this world that anybody is going to agree to those kind of increases. Confusion is going to be all over the place and I have absolutely no idea as to what is going to happen when people cant find replacement policies. Obamcare is one of the dumbest ideas that has ever come about.
    In the next days you will see the press talking about this disaster.
    Good luck everybody its going to be a very bumpy ride for the next 2 months.

  20. Ken W. says...

    The problem is the lobbyist always make sure the laws have no teeth. No rules against killing everyone after one year.

  21. mark says...

    I got my Homeowners ins and it went from 1800 to 7500. I did not blame Scott or Obama I blamed the Ins company. I went to work made calls and found a better policy for 1700. My partner also worked for a company that stopped offering ins so we had to go shopping for his ins and found a policy just as good for about 20 more a month again we did not blame anyone.

  22. Steve R says...

    Humana wants to increase me from 339 a month to 867 a month.
    What a mess.

  23. Got a letter today that takes my family from $862 a month to $2089 a month. Obama screwed us.

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