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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-10/12/14- Cecilie’s Gourmet Italian Ices- Coral Springs )

Posted on October 12th, 2014 · Coral Springs Desserts Fast Food


***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-10/12/14).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


Cecilie’s Gourmet Italian Ices
19726 Wiles Road
Coral Springs
(954) 753-2727
Latest Review: 3/17/13

No bs-ing here…every time I go to Cecilie’s I get agita-the joint has so many amazingly delicious home made water/cream ices- that I get agita- trying to decide which ones to get.
Trust Jeff Eats, before you fork over your $2.50+, you’ll get agita too!


8 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday-10/12/14- Cecilie’s Gourmet Italian Ices- Coral Springs )”

  1. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    You look young in the picture –
    Check the sign behind you – NY Small and Small
    If you are from NY you pay less or get less?

  2. JeffEats says...


    Not me. That’s the owner.

    Thanks for reading…

    • CHARLES says...

      JEFF –
      What’s the story with the NY small at $3.00 –

      • JeffEats says...


        As to the NY Small…do I look like Clark Kent To You? Got no idea.
        When you go there, you’ll ask!

        Thanks for reading…

  3. Mike W says...

    I have been getting ices there for years.
    You are right, they have so many delicious flavors that it’s hard to pick the final cup.
    By the way, they let you try all you want.

  4. Gina T says...

    Best ices in Florida.
    Huge selection.

  5. Emerald Green says...

    Awesome tasting amazing ices! The only issue is that the place could be a little cleaner inside and outside…

  6. Bobby A says...

    Love the ices. Freshly made in house.

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