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Sticky’s Finger Joint (New York City)

Posted on September 19th, 2014 · American Fast Food


* Sticky’s Finger Joint.

Recently received the following email from reader Mal K.
Hey Jeff,
Got a question for you.
It seems that the fast food business is loaded with burger, pizza, Mexican, ice cream, grilled cheese and yogurt restaurants.
Have you seen any great fast food ‘ideas’ that haven’t already been exploited? I’m thinking of going into business and don’t want to be a Johnny Come Lately.
Mal K
Mal K:

No question about it-the fast food landscape is loaded with all kinds of concepts.

Jeff Eats recently tried Sticky’s Finger Joint a fast food “chicken-finger” concept that was absolutely dynamite. For right now, there are only two locations-both in Manhattan. Real easy concept-all kinds of chicken fingers/sauces.
You will need to do some homework here…you can start at- Jeff Eats thought that the food was delicious and-the concept definitely has-legs.

Check Sticky’s out. Check the concept out.

3 Comments to “Sticky’s Finger Joint (New York City)”

  1. David L says...

    Hey Jeff,

    I think that the Chicken Finger concept may be the next Fast Food Fad.

    There is a chain called PDQ that specializes in Chicken Fingers and is starting to expand. They already have 20 Florida locations. Between this, and the growing popularity of Chick-Fil-A etc, I would not be so gung ho on a Chicken Finger chain just yet…

    That being said, the restaurant you show above looks absolutely fabulous!

    Thanks as always,

    • David L says...

      OOP’s…just saw your reviews of PDQ from April and May of 2013. I guess you liked it too…

  2. HerbK says...

    This guy doesn’t have fancy chicken fingers, in fact it’s the most simple menu I’ve seen, but he does have over 150 locations.

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