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* FDR.

Did FDR tell the Nazis what we were going to do to them- or for that matter not do to them?

I’ll say no more–but these “guys” are 21st Century- NAZIS!

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  1. TURNER says...

    Obama is a pussy.
    No question that Bush made the mess. Should have left Hussein, Ghadaffi all of them in power.
    However what is, is and Obama is a pussy.
    Just like the Nazis ISIS is marking religious groups for extinction.

    • HerbK says...

      We should have gone with the Republican plan… oh wait, they don’t have one, and most of them voted to support the president’s plan.

      • Artie D says...

        Bet you we would be safer with Romney in the White House.

  2. Anthony Franza says...

    Obama is a fool.
    Imagine telling your enemy don’t worry we aren’t sending in our military to get you!!!!!!!!!!
    This bombing crap won’t work. The arming Iraq, Syria and everyone else wont work.

    There are 35,000 killers. The US has a 1,500,000 man military. Stop dicking around, just annihilate them.

  3. Mr. Klein says...

    Obama plans on arming the Syrian Free Army.
    He’s nuts.
    These guys are also terrorists.
    Leave Assad in power. He’ll take of things.
    As for ISIS, let the generals run this thing and it will be over in 3 – 4 hours.
    But oh no, we got this clown president who ‘killed’ our guys at Bengahzi calling the shots. The man is a moron.

    ISIS is this century’s NAZIS.

    Let the generals take care of them.

    Obama go play some golf or something and let real leaders handle this.

    • mark says...

      Mr. Klien these are the same Generals that Obama left in charge when Bengahzi was attacted. Obama did not sit in the war room and direct the troops he went back to bed after telling the Generals to do thier best.

  4. Ed Fisher says...

    What many don’t get is that Obama is a MUSLIM. I know the story blah blah blah.


    This guy is and has always been bad news.

    He is talking tough right now because the Democrats got some tough elections coming up in November. Right after the elections you’ll see, Obama won’t give two good craps about ISIS and just run the clock out until his term is up.

    Obama is the real enemy.

    If Romney was at the helm, rest assured the US would have already wiped these clowns off the face of the earth.

    You liberals were so busy worrying about some bs abortion issue that you put a Muslim lover back in office.

    Israel hates Obama and our allies all know he is a fool and weak.

  5. ZED says...

    Obama will probably announce the date and time of the bombings so ISIS fighters don’t get hurt.

    Imagine telling your enemy, your plans?

    This Chicago hack has to go.

  6. Nicky Barnes says...

    Just heard France is going to do dome bombing.
    Remember Freedom Fries?
    The French don’t know how to fight. Don’t believe me, ask the Germans,
    Obama better let the Joint Chiefs call the shots.

    • Shelly H says...

      It would be a good idea if Obama hadn’t emasculated the chiefs.

  7. KSR says...

    Remember the red line for Syria?
    Nothing more to say.
    Obama is a crooked political hack.
    How America let this little bastard in is beyond me.
    The world laughs at the greatest super power.
    They know we won’t fight.
    Imagine telling your enemies what you will and won’t do. Absurd.

  8. Nick B says...

    Imagine what would have happened on June 6, 1944 if Obama had been the President back then.

    “Hello Germans, next week American troops will be landing in Normandy France on June 6, 1944. Just giving you a heads up so you can prepare a nice welcome for them.”
    Thanks your pal,
    B. Obama

  9. Artie D says...

    Obama is a MORON.
    Imagine telling your enemies that they shouldn’t worry because no American forces will come on the ground to get you.
    This man has to be one of the dumbest Presidents we have ever had.

  10. mark says...

    Yes FDR made a radio address to let the American people know we were going to war thus telling the Germans we were entering the war agianst the Nazi’s.

    • Nick B says...


      You really don’t know your history.

      Germany didn’t attack the United States, Japan did. Maybe you’ve been watching Animal House too much.

      Following the 12/7/41 attack on Pearl Harbor the US declared war on JAPAN. Not Germany. Germany who was an ally of Japan then declared war on the United States.

    • Slip Mahoney says...

      You are entitled to think what you’d like.
      I am a retired USN Commander who saw active duty in Vietnam. I was in the Navy for 25 years.
      In my entire career I can’t ever recall a President ever telling our foes what we were not going to do to them.
      This president is a community organizer who ran around with petitions.
      He really believes that petitions stop people from doing things.
      The military has no respect for this clown.
      We are fighters. That’s our job. Let us fight and don’t tie our hands behind our backs.
      Go to the bank on this, if you let our career military leaders run the campaign against ISIS the problem would be solved in 30 days tops. Unfortunately you have a politician worrying about elections calling the shots.

  11. ZANDER says...

    if I got my facts straight, either one or two of the guys who got beheaded had escaped from the terrorists before. why didn’t these guys just get the hell out of the middle east? kind of stupid getting caught twice.
    the way I see it is that the US should do nothing. Get all US citizens out of the middle east and then let the bastards fight it out between themselves. these people have no moral code and no matter what you do they think that one religion is better than another. just let them kill each other off and be done with this crap.

    • Shelly H says...

      What’s going to stop the US citizens fighting for them now , coming back on their US passports and putting an IED under your car? Isolationism never worked. Teddy Roosevelt had it right, Diplomacy is the conception that you carry and will use the big stick. Our president believes in leading from behind. He does not believe in this country. To protect his political backside he kick the Immigration issue dwon the road and for him to say ISIS is not Islam, shows he doesn’t have a clue. It’s in their damned name.

  12. TellyS says...

    Don’t worry we won’t have any soldiers on the ground to fight you.

    Obama is the biggest fool in the history of warfare,

  13. Shelly H says...

    The truth is many of the so called smart bombs need boots on the ground to light up the targets with a laser so the bombs can direct themselves to the target. He is castrating the effort befoe it starts to protect his beloved Muslim brothers.

  14. Telly S says...

    OBAMA is a muslim.
    He was raised as a muslim.
    He is like the Manchurian Candidate.
    This is a very bad man.
    The entire world sees ISIS for what it is, NAZIS yet this president doesn’t.
    ISIS wants to kill all of us.
    Obama wants America to be a second rate power. That’s learned from his childhood upbringing.
    Once again Obama is a very very bad man.

  15. jessejames says...

    Just wanted to tell you that is a terrific blog.
    Haven’t seen another site like it where in one breath you have people talking about restaurants and then in the next FDR and D Day..
    Every day you seen to have something interesting to say which gets people involved.
    Great job.
    By the way, FDR is probably turning over in his grave watching Obama play politics with America’s military.

  16. HerbK says...

    If only President Obama would attack a country that wasn’t a threat to us. Maybe one that had nonexistent WMD. Then he would be a hero to most of the people posting here.

    • Sam459 says...

      Bush was an idiot.
      Obama is a Muslim.

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