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Name The 4 or 5 Things You Need At The Perfect Tailgate!

Posted on September 13th, 2014 · American BBQ Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* Name the 4 or 5 Things You Need At The Perfect Tailgate!

Please be as creative or stupid or sensible as you’d like.

Jeff Eats…
Charcoal grill
Folding table/chairs/tents/paper goods/utensils
Portable satellite tv
Beer/liquor/soft drinks/water
Hamburgers/hot dogs/corn on the cob/chicken wings/beef ribs/sides/desserts

10 Comments to “Name The 4 or 5 Things You Need At The Perfect Tailgate!”

  1. TURNER says...

    Gas grill
    Table /chairs

  2. ZED says...


  3. Anthony Franza says...

    Another keg

  4. LODI says...

    Charcoal grill
    Table and chairs
    Liquor, water, soda
    Hot dogs, chicken, burgers,
    Portable tv

  5. KSR says...

    You guys got most of the basics.
    But how about plates/forks etc, I’ll also bring banners, I’ll also bring desserts, I also bring frisbee and games, and BEER

  6. denny e says...

    jeff, i have found that we need a tent. sometimes it is way too hot to with some shade.
    you need a grill
    you need food
    you need booze and non liquor drinks
    you need banners and flags

  7. Sid L. Turner says...

    Tent, Grill, Food, Booze, Tables/Chairs

  8. joey t says...

    By: Jennifer Maughan
    Big or small, your tailgate party needs to be well-planned in order to succeed, so start by creating a list of tailgating supplies. Go beyond setting up lawn chairs and eating sandwiches, and get the right accessories to make a truly memorable party atmosphere right before the big game.
    Grilling: Almost all tailgating revolves around grilled food, so planning out the cook station is important. Besides the grill, the cook should have his own garbage can, table top and cooler to hold food. The perfect utensils for grilling are a must, from hamburger flippers and tongs to barbecue sauce brushes and plenty of plates and platters to avoid cross-contamination. Don’t forget hand sanitizer among the tailgating supplies for the cook.
    Serving: A large table is best, along with plenty of room to set out food, plates and utensils. Include paperweights to hold down items like napkins and paper plates. Make room for a cooler full of drinks in this area as well. Another garbage can and a hand sanitizing station are important tailgate supplies for cleanliness and health. If your area is big enough, consider setting up a separate bar area, with drinks, ice and a separate garbage can.
    Eating: The eating area should feature plenty of chairs and garbage bags. If you have a tent or canopy, as well as the space to erect it, that makes a nice touch, especially if it’s hot, raining or even snowing. Don’t forget any tailgate supplies that will make guests enjoy themselves, such as blankets, decorations or music.
    Checklist: When you are making plans for a tailgating party, it’s helpful to have a checklist. You can divide it up into different categories: food (main dishes, side dishes, condiments), tableware (utensils, serving spoons, toothpicks), drinks (beer, water, soft drinks), grill (gas tank or charcoal, cooking mitt, sauce brush) and miscellaneous (chairs, towels, sunscreen).
    For the ultimate tailgating party, some accessories may convince you to stay in the parking lot instead of heading into the stadium. Some of these include a generator, a kerosene heater, a fire extinguisher, a stereo/CD player, a camp stove, a blender for mixed drinks and a portable satellite TV.

  9. larryfine says...

    The most important thing you need is good friends and family to share the good time with you.
    You guys got the rest of the material stuff right.

    Nothing beats a good tailgate party when the weather cooperates. 9 times out of 10 we dont even make it into the game.

  10. Doctor Frumpkin says...

    for the dolphins we do subs from laspada, beer/soda/water/sides/dessert from publix, we bring a tent, we have a big satellite tv.

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