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To save time Jeff Eats is going to assume that you guys know what COMCAST is.

In my case, THEE-WORSE-COMPANY-IN-THE-UNIVERSE-TO-DO-BUSINESS-WITH! No bs-ing here, I can’t think of another company with such piss-poor service and a customer service department that borders on being criminally insane…there is absolutely no way that Comcast’s telephone agents can sound as stupid as they do- and tell such boldface lies- without corporate approval!

Just a heads up…

If you are a Comcast subscriber and “on” the same page as I am…here’s a way for you to get ACTION ON YOUR PROBLEM.

When you got a problem, like your bill is all f-ed up, don’t call 1-800-COMCAST. I repeat don’t call 1-800-COMCAST! Instead call 1-215-286-1700. That (215) number is the main telephone number for Comcast’s corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. When the phone is answered by the operator just tell him/her–“I’m a Comcast customer who is having trouble with customer service and I would like to speak with someone in the Office of The President.” Guaranteed you will be “connected” with a “special trouble shooting representative” who will immediately solve your problem/or take your info-and within 24 hours you’ll get a call from a Florida Comcast representative who WILL GET YOU STRAIGHTENED OUT!

Consider this COMCAST story as a Jeff Eats’ public service announcement.

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  1. Denny J says...

    Our 1250 home community has had Comcast for years. Our HOA recently decided to boot Comcast and bring in a new company name Hotwire in 2015.
    You are so right that Comcast’s service is horrendous. In our neighborhood it goes in and out at least once or twice a week. Amazingly when you call customer service if you can through, the reps have no idea that there is a problem in the area and just waltz you around with nonsense. One other thing, every time the service is out you are entitled to get money off your bill. Unless you call and fight for that money you never get it.
    I cant wait to get rid of Comcast. Not sure how good Hotwire is going to be but I am sure it can’t be any worse than Comcast. One other thing, Hotwire is must cheaper than Comcast and gives you more channels and services for less money.
    Good riddance Comcast.

  2. Bill from Delray says...

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Their customer service is a joke. If anyone out there in Jeff Eats Land had been able to rectify a problem in only phone call, I salute you and will nominate you for a Nobel Prize. While living in NY i thought that Cablevision was bad, but I’d give anything to be able to go back to them.
    Comcast is the primary reason why I have only basic cable as supplied to me by my condo association. I want nothing to do with Comcast.

  3. KSR says...

    Jeff, Definitely on the same page as you are on Comcast. The world’s worst phone reps. Lie like crazy. Also half of them can’t speak English clearly so it’s impossible to get anything done because you can’t understand 95% of what they are talking about.

  4. Comcast sucks. Just that simple. If you check you will find that in survey after survey Comcast is rated the worst customer service in AMERICA!!!
    Our condo is stuck with these bastards.
    Thanks for the tip on the corporate office.

  5. shelly says...

    I truly believe that the terrible customer service at Comcast is an intentional company policy from the CEO’s office. Why spend money on Customer Service when they have you in an almost monopoly situation. My community just started with Hotwire (also known as Fision). Usual aches and pains on transition, but when you call customer service they are polite and get to the bottom of the problem. More channels, lower cost, direct fiber optic connection. The sad thing is that if they put a few bucks into customer service they would get it back in spades. Real dumb managment at Comcast.

  6. Jason says...


    Fantastic advice on suggesting folks bring their Comcast complaints directly to the company’s headquarters in Philly. A few months ago, I had to resolve a problem with rampant overbilling on my account (they were billing me for a much more expensive service plan than the promotional plan for which I signed up). After numerous fruitless phone calls to the South Florida customer service reps, I did some additional research online and found the same advice you just gave: Call Comcast HQ in Philly. So I called HQ, and the problem was resolved within five minutes. No hassle, no problem.

    Thanks for running such a helpful, informative, and entertaining site on such a wide variety of topics. Keep up the good work!

  7. Heidi P says...

    Jeff Eats:
    I must say that you are an absolute genius.

    About a month ago I was charged for two movies that I never ordered. In addition on two of my sets out of the blue Igot a signal that the sets were not programmed to receive programming. I called the south Florida office and they took off the movies off the bill but sent a repairman to my home to fix the sets that got the signal. He fixed the problem by replacing a box and the other set self corrected itself but when I checked my bill online a few days later I was charged $60 for a service call. The south Florida office refused to take the $60 charge off. My claim is that if one set fixed itself that meant that the other one didn require a new box but that it was a signal problem coming into my home.
    To make a long story short, after reading your story this morning I called the number listed and 10 minutes ago I got a call from someone in s Florida office who took the $60 charge off.

    Comcast is a crooked operation.

    Thanks for your advice it worked for me.

  8. Jeff Eats:
    How Comcast stays in business is beyond me.
    This company has the worse customer service.
    I’m not kidding when I tell you that I have a problem with my service/bill at least once every couple of months.
    The customer service agents who answer the phones are absolute morons.
    They have no idea whatsoever as to what they are talking about and each and everyone has a different story than the rep before them.
    Thanks for the HQ idea. I’m calling the number as soon as I’m finished listing this comment.

  9. NICO Y says...

    A word to the wise.
    NEVER EVER EVER EVER let one of Comcast’s phone agents help you to pay a bill over the phone. They won’t tell you, but if you give them your checking acct # and routing# they will charge you a $5.99 fee for helping you.
    This is as others have mentioned a CROOKED COMPANY.
    Their agents are trained to just jerk you off and hope that you hang up in frustration.

  10. The country club I live in has had Comcast for over 10 years. Comcast bought out Adelphia and that’s how we ended up with Comcast.
    From day one nothing but troubled service and lying agents.
    It would be fair to say that I have had a fight with company every month since they took over. From lousy service to over billings they get you all the time.
    My service on average goes out at least once a week. Maybe for just a few minutes but each and every week.
    The internet connection is as slow as sheet.
    Our HOA recently signed to switch to Hot Wire.
    The people in the CC can’t wait to get rid of Comcast.
    Hot Wire in my case will cost me $58 less a month for more services.
    Comcast stinks.

  11. Ronald says...

    I just found one. Sony. At least as bad as Comcast, except that you can’t find any info on who else to call. Don’t bother with Sony products.

  12. Louie Q says...

    Comcast is the worse.
    ATT is another mess.
    Same for XM Radio.

  13. mark says...

    nest time you have an issue go to their twitter and facebook page you will find it works

  14. Cal T says...

    Have to agree with Jeff, Comcast is horrendous when it comes to handling people. They try and play their customers for suckers.
    Great idea calling HQ for help.
    Obviously you have done the HQ route.

    • JeffEats says...

      Cal T:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Just so you know when I have a problem with Comcast I don’t waste my time dialing 1-800-COMCAST. I just dial 1-215-286-1700 and ask for the President’s Office. Not exactly sure on how many calls I’ve made, but I’m gonna guess 10 in the past 12 months or so, and each and every time it worked like a charm. The way I figure it, why bother talking to a Private when I can get the Commander In Chief’s right hand people to handle things for me.

      Thanks for reading,

  15. ZED says...

    Comcast has the worst customer service that I have had to deal with. The folks answering the phone lines sound like imbeciles. I can’t recall the last time that one call from me actually solved a problem. They try and wear you down and figure you’ll eventually just give up.

    • Sha says...

      I actually had a Comcast rep tell me, ‘you know who are REALLY crooks, is Sun Bank’ and proceeded to tell me in detail, how Sun Bank rips off their customers. He then told me how Comcast saves you $$$ by LOWERING your internet speed, but they don’t actually tell you they lowered it, they just do it so you think you’re saving $$$. I’ve had MUCH better luck with AT&T Uverse, although it’s Buyer Beware for sure… Thanks Jeff, for your insight and for gettin’ everyone fired up!

      • AWR says...

        I can top that.
        I once had a Comcast repairman try and sell me an illegal dish system when he came to my house.

  16. Carmen R says...

    Because of where I live I have been forced to use Comcast. In the 13 years of service I have never heard even one of my neighbors say something nice about this company. Everyone me included hates this company.

  17. How about this one, I had a Comcast service guy actually run out of my house after he broke one of my tv sets. He actually got in his truck and just left without saying a word. It took me 10 calls and the threat of a lawsuit to get Comcast to repair the set and restore service the jackass disconnected.

  18. Sharon E says...

    Comcast is the worse company to do business with. Its service stinks and its customer service is so even worse.
    Tremendous idea to call HQ directly.

  19. Luke J says...

    Terrible co
    Was put on hold and was disconnected after holding for 10 minutes.
    Its goal is to just frustrate you until you just give up.

  20. KSR says...

    My on demand just went out. Can’t have serviceman for 4 days.
    Crap company.

  21. Comcast is a total disaster.
    Ordered a new box and they lost the order.
    Total fiasco.

  22. Lois Lane says...

    Bought The Equalizer movie last night in HD for $5.99.
    Sound didn’t work.
    Now I have to fight with them for a refund.
    Couldn’t watch the movie at all.

  23. Mary White says...

    Mary White
    Subject: replacing a new motem

    Message Body:
    we are hooked up with adt on our computer. we are required to replace our motem. we have the new one now. I need a technician to set it up for me due to poor eyesight.

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

    • JeffEats says...

      Mary White:

      I’m kinda thinking that you should call Comcast.

      Thanks for reading…

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