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Temple Street Eatery (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on September 10th, 2014 · American Chinese Fast Food Fort Lauderdale Japanese Latin Mexican


Temple Street Eatery, 416 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, (754) 701-0976.

Let’s see…

Temple Street Eatery- Asian Fusion meets Latin Comfort Food meets American Comfort Food…order at the counter/delivered to table.

You can check menu/prices/other info at

For your convenience, below-Jeff Eats has “copied” Temple Street Eatery’s menu.

For the review, Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and a couple of friends recently gave Temple Street Eatery a shot for lunch. Ordered “items” chicken dumplings, pork dumplings, southeast chicken salad, katsu burger, bun rice noodle bowl, bulgolgi cheesteak sandwich… Now you guys know that Jeff Eats doesn’t like to do “pecking orders”–and Temple Street Eatery helped me out–in that every “item” was OK–but not one “item” had me craving-shall we say round 2! By the way, extremely pleasant wait-staff, nice modern fast food decor-price points that need a drop of tweaking to the downside.

Let me wrap this up for you,

Temple Street Eatery definitely has an eclectic menu. The joint just didn’t do-it for me!

Finally, since food “reviewing” is merely a subjective head game…and my head maybe in a different place than yours is–Temple Street Eatery is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.


Kimchi Quesadilla | $7
Lemongrass grilled chicken, kimchi, caramelized onion, cheddar jack, gochujang cream, guacamole,pico de gallo

Chicken Wings | 6 pcs – $7 | 12 pcs – $11
Choice of sweet soy glaze, Asian buffalo, sweet chili BBQ or Buddha wing sauce

Edamame Falafels | $5
Chickpea, tofu, garlic, scallion, curry aioli

Wonton Tacos | $8
Poached shrimp, guacamole, lettuce, gochujang cream, pineapple salsa

Crispy Shrimp | $11
Tempura shrimp, calamansi aioli, jalapeño

Choice of Sauce |
Buddha dumpling sauce, dan dan sesame sauce or traditional sauce

Chicken Dumpling | 4 pcs – $5 | 8 pcs – $8
Ground chicken, onion, napa cabbage
Shrimp Dumpling | 4 pcs – $5 | 8 pcs – $8
Minced shrimp, house seasoning
Pork Dumpling | 4 pcs – $4 | 8 pcs – $7
Ground pork, napa cabbage
Vegetable Dumpling | 4 pcs – $3.5 | 8 pcs – $6.5
Edamame, carrot, vermicelli noodle, baby bok choy, tofu
Buddha Mix | 4 pcs – $4.5 | 8 pcs – $7.5
A sample of one of each dumpling

Bibimbap Rice Bowl | $10
Choice of rice | Inari, mushroom, pickled vegetables, scallion, marinated bean sprout, fried egg, gochujang sauce

Bulgogi Rice Bowl | $12
Choice of rice | Marinated beef sautéed with onion, carrot, scallion, shoga

Buddha Bowl | $11
Choice of lemongrass chicken, tofu or pork | Substitute shrimp (+$2) | Mushroom, pickled vegetables, marinated bean sprout, fried shallot, scallion

Miso Noodle Soup | $11
Choice of ramen or soba | Pork belly, scallion, bean sprout, seasoned egg, pork miso broth

Shoyu Noodle Soup | $10
Choice of ramen or soba | Inari, bean sprout, mushroom, scallion, seasoned egg, soy broth

Wonton Noodle Soup | $12
Ramen, shrimp dumpling, scallion, bok choy, chicken broth

Bún Rice Noodle Bowl | $11
Choice of lemongrass chicken, tofu or pork | Substitute shrimp (+$2) | Rice noodle, pickled vegetables, marinated bean sprout, lettuce, mint, cilantro, cucumber, nuoc cham vinaigrette

Buddha Salad | side $5 | regular $8
Mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato, red onion, radish, pickled vegetables, peanut dressing Add lemongrass chicken or pork (+$2) |
Add shrimp (+$3)

Beet Salad | $9
Mixed greens, candied walnut, cherry tomato, radish, goat cheese, fried shallot, sesame dressing

Southeast Chicken Salad | $9
Shredded chicken, jalapeño, cabbage, mint, cilantro, radish, red onion, fried shallot, nuoc cham vinaigrette

Add a side or Buddha Salad | $3
Bulgolgi Cheesesteak | $10
Marinated beef, sautéed carrots, onions, scallions, provolone cheese

Katsu Burger | $9
Panko-crusted burger, Asian slaw, pineapple slice

Banh Mi | $9
Choice of lemongrass chicken or pork | Pickled vegetables, jalapeño, cucumber, cilantro aioli

Edamame Falafel Pita | $6
Pita, hummus, cherry tomato, cucumber, mixed greens, gochujang cream, goat cheese

Asian Slaw | $5
Cabbage, carrots, sesame dressing

Lemongrass Fries | $5
Seasonal Vegetables | $5
Edamame | $5
Choice of seasoned salt or sweet sambal

Fountain Drinks | $2.5
Coke, Fanta, Orange, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite

Bottled Water (Still or Sparkling) | $2.5
Home Brewed Iced Tea | $2.75
Craft Beer | Varies
Ask us about our seasonal selection

Saké | Varies
Ask us about our seasonal selection

Oyster Bay Merlot
Save Me San Francisco Pinot Noir
Trivento Malbec
Francis Coppla Pinot Gris
Clifford Sauvignon Blanc
Dividing Rod Chardonnay

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