Eternal Resting

Posted on September 6th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other

* Eternal Resting

A bit ghoulish but cool none the less!

Check the site out.


The web page Eternal Resting Place is formed to insure the celebration of a life that was, and bring peace of mind to those who are saddened by somebody’s passing.
We want to make you a part of the memories we share. The virtual graveyard that we have created is opened to those who want to commemorate the life of a famous person
who has touched their life in a special way and to people who wish to immortalize a close one they have personally lost.


We plan to establish ourselves as a trustworthy, innovative and credible brand. Our vision is to constantly improve our offer to insure quality user experience.
Eternal Resting Place will show the same level of respect to all people mentioned on our site, because each life is magnificent in its own way.
The intention is to become a platform for a tasteful way to say your final goodbye in private.

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