Glicks Kosher Market (Delray Beach)

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 · American Delicatessen Delray Beach


***** Glicks Kosher Market, 7351 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 637-5771.

Jeff Eats recently received the following email…

Hi Jeff
My husband and I recently moved from Woodmere, New York to Delray Beach. We settled in about 3 weeks ago. We lived in Woodmere for over 43 years and the Woodro Kosher Deli was our go to place for deli dinners and holiday catering. We “keep’ kosher, but not to the ultimate extreme, if that makes any sense to you? We recently came across your site and of course most of your restaurant recommendations don’t work for us. We did see Ben’s Kosher on your site and a few others. Being from the Island we know Ben’s but Woodro was always our favorite. Big question, for the holidays and home meals can you recommend a really good KOSHER place where we can get the type of soups, chopped liver, brisket, meats, fish, baked goodies that we know from the Island? Your help would be really appreciated.
Thank you,
The Posners


The Posners,

Got the perfect Kosher-joint for you…

Glicks Kosher Market in Delray Beach.

When you taste Glicks’ stuff, you’ll swear you were back in Woodmere.

You can check Glicks out at

Welcome to Florida,
Jeff Eats

5 Comments to “Glicks Kosher Market (Delray Beach)”

  1. Vicki Mate says...

    I couldn’t agree more. I too grew up in the Five Towns. Woodrow has great food and it was good to read your review for Glicks. We live in NY and when we come to Florida we always go to Glicks. Everything at Glicks is delicious. There is no other place like it anywhere.
    Their quality and selection of foods are the best.

  2. KSR says...

    Recent order of roast chicken, chocolate bobka, kasha, potato pancake.
    All excellent .

  3. Linda Greene says...

    Ordered food for upcoming Jewish Holiday.
    While ordering took home roast chicken and potato pancakes and they were delicious. By the way the chicken cost almost twice what Costco gets but it was so much better that it didn’t matter one drop.

  4. DG (Boca Raton) says...

    Read about Glicks on
    Took out a honey garlic roast chicken and it was terrific.

  5. Love their food.

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