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Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market (Boynton Beach)

Posted on August 30th, 2014 · American Boynton Beach Fast Food


Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market, 10066 Lee Road, Boynton Beach, Florida 33473, (561) 733-5490.

Let me start by saying that although Bedner’s has been around since 1960-and the Jeff Eats Family has lived in South Florida since 1991…Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have only “been” to Bedner’s twice-April 5, 2014 and today, August 30, 2014…

Here’s the skinny, as far as a being a year-round-green market, this joint stinks.

No fooling here- for Mrs. Jeff Eats on TWO OUTINGS to have found not one fruit, vegetable, baked item to buy says-something. Trust me, the lady is the consummate shopper and for her to tell me that Publix has better quality/less expensive/better selection “stuff” tells this boy all he needs to know!

Just for the record, on Saturday and Sunday- food truck Porky and Beth’s BBQ
(reviewed 4/5/14) is on Bedner’s premises- that’s why we were at Bedner’s today-picking up dinner.

Look! I know -the joint has been around for 54 years…all I can tell you is “what” I think and I think that if you want top notch fruits, vegetables, baked goods, juices- this ain’t the place to get them! You wanna pick strawberries or do a hayride with the kids-I get it!- but as for “table” food, nope!

Now you know and I know that Jeff Eats is just “my” opinion- so if you care to look into Bedner’s further…

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  1. Pennywise says...

    The only reason to go to Bedners is for the weekend bbq truck and kids rides and pick your own strawberries and pumpkins. For fruits etc you go to The Boys Market. You had positive things to say about the bbq on 4/5/14.

  2. Felise S. says...

    The macaroni and cheese they sell on weekends at the bbq truck is very good.

  3. Burt Squirt ( says...

    “This joint” as you call it, doesn’t “stink”. What’s the problem…you didn’t get any payola, any freebies, any backhanders? Because that’s what this blog is all about eh Jeff? Little deals for yourself…and when you don’t get a deal, you trash a place. Jeff is a Jew from Brooklyn.

    • Harry T says...

      Burt Squirt
      You are obviously an Anti Semite.
      We all know that you also use Tati and Dread names.
      Same nonsense.
      I think you just trapped yourself.
      By publishing this post Jeff can now sue for libel and slander.
      Now Im no lawyer but that’s what I think you walked into.
      Jeff being the legit guy that he is actually publishes your bs.
      He was right on Bistro Gastronomie and he is right on Bedner’s it’s a second rate operation.
      You obviously don’t get it your different names still come from the same IP address.
      Checkmate you fool.

    • LarryFine says...

      Just read what you wrote on Starbucks column.
      You are a freaking AntiSemite.
      I also see that under Tati and Dread handles you are also big into anti Jewish remarks.
      I think that Home Land Security should for better or worse be informed of your anti Israel pro Palestinian protestations.

    • AzureGhost says...

      Burt, you anti-Semite jackass. Go F yourself…

    • Ted W says...

      Read your anti Semitic and anti Israel mumblings on Starbucks. Now Im reading your rant here. Something very wrong with you.

    • Arnie B says...

      You crack me up.
      As Tati and Dread you carried on as to how successful Bistro Gastronomie would be. It proved to be as Jeff and others said the ultimate failure.
      Obviously they were a lot smarter than you were on that restaurant.
      You carried on about how stupid they were but the only one who was really stupid was you.
      Now you are here carrying on about Jeff and Bedner’s.
      What you also don’t get that Jeff by publishing your bs is showing that is even handed.
      You are entitled to your opinion but your problem is you are an anti Semite so when you present your case it is always off center and dead wrong.
      It must be hard being wrong most of the time.
      I also read your anti Israel crap.
      I’d be careful writing that type of hatred.
      I know you are just voicing a slanted opinion but what you don’t get that since 9/11 even the smallest off handed remark may find the govt knocking at your door.
      Keep it light.

  4. Mikey says...

    Bedners is great. Why are you hating on it?

    • LODI says...

      You ever been to The Boys? That’s great. Bedner’s sucks!

    • Steve O says...

      If you think Bedner’s is great you have no idea what quality fruits and vegetables are all about.

  5. ksr says...

    What a dump. Prepackaged crap.
    Go to The Boys.

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