Andrew Dice Clay Tickets

Posted on August 30th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other

* Andrew Dice Clay Tickets.

Jeff Eats was looking to catch some Dice tickets…

Look at the warning attached to the tickets.

Like-I don’t know what the guy’s act is all about.

I say there is way too much consumer protectionism in this country-today,

If you think Jeff Eats is off base here…the next time a drug commercial comes on your tv, listen to the announcer’s warning about possible side effects…the freaking warnings literally take up more air-time than the info-about the product does. Just think, a guy looking for a 4-hour erection faces possible blindness, death, brain damage, kidney failure etc. for “some” fun!

Finally, this morning I read that a class action lawsuit was commenced against Whole Foods Market claiming that its Greek Yogurt brand label -listed a sugar content something like 6/times lower than what the product actually contained. Nothing for nothing, if the “Church/Temple/Mosque” of many “healthy eaters” out there ain’t telling the truth- does any of this so-called consumer protectionism really amount to a hill of beans -anyway?

AND while I’m ranting, do you actually believe that you need all of those tests your doctor orders up for you? Betcha a buck, a good number of those tests are just “running up the tab” and others are run to “protect” the doctor just in case you decide to sue his or her ass off-one day.

Any way back to Andrew Dice Clay tickets,

Too much info out there…

Andrew Dice Clay at Vinyl Hard Rock


WARNING: THIS SHOW CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, ADULT SATIRE AND STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE UNDER 18 WILL BE ADMITTED. NO REFUNDS GIVEN BASED ON SHOW CONTENT. The ticket prices includes a 10% Live Entertainment Tax as assessed by the state of Nevada. ONLY the card holder with photo ID and the credit card used for purchase can pick up tickets. Non-professional cameras allowed, no detachable lenses. No audio/video recorders or tablets are allowed. Customers accept all customary risks associated with live entertainment. Due to security requirements, backpacks, wallet chains, spiked accessories, and bags/purses larger than 8.5′ x 11′ will not be allowed in the venue. Vinyl is a non-smoking venue. Electronic smoking devices are not allowed.
Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas NV US
Aug 29, 2014 9:00:00 PM

6 Comments to “Andrew Dice Clay Tickets”

  1. TURNER says...

    All drug commercials have warnings at the end that are so long that they are mind blowing. If you listen carefully to the warnings you’d be scared out of your mind to take the drug in the first place.

  2. ZED says...

    When we were kids growing up in the 40s, 50s, 60s the govt didn’t bombard you with warnings and facts. Now it’s overkill. Read some of the food labels totally out of control. Maybe a little info but way too much today.
    Not that I need it but check out Cialis commercial’s warnings. After listening you’ll become a monk.

  3. KSR says...

    You are right on the money. Too much info out there.
    Years ago people didn’t have the info and they did just fine.
    If you listen and read all the warnings you wouldn’t take any medication or eat or drink anything.

  4. AzureGhost says...

    ..Hickory Dickory Dock
    Some chick was suckin’ my c*ck
    The clock struck two
    I dropped my goo
    I dumped the bitch off on the next block
    The words of The Dice Man

  5. Nicky G says...

    I’ve seen Dice 4x live. Loved each show.
    A one of kind great performer.

  6. Sid L. Turner says...

    Right on the mark.
    This country is so busy “protecting” everyone from everything that it is now absurd.
    The drug commercials have so many warnings that it is absolutely laughable.
    As for Whole Foods it’s just an overpriced supermarket running a con on the gullible. I’d be willing to bet that half the crap it sells is no more healthier than the stuff sold in Publix.
    It amazes me as how gullible the public is. This class action proves my point. Trust me a Whole Foods will lose or settle this suit.
    On Dice, no need for warning. If you are looking for tickets you already know the guy’s act.
    Too much information being put out.

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