School Photograph

Posted on August 24th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other

* School Photograph.

Thought I would share this email received from reader Jack Cohen.

Jeff Eats is “working” on a tie-in “with” food…in the meantime, enjoy!

One final thought, if “you” just happen to be offended by this email- tough noogies!
From: Jack Cohen
Date: August 24, 2014 at 2:25:33 PM EDT
Subject: School photo
Reply-To: “Jack Cohen.”

I just love school photographs.

It must be wonderful to look back in years to come and recognize all your old classmates
and the memories of all the fun times you had together.


6 Comments to “School Photograph”

  1. CHARLES says...

    I think I recognize one of them from their Wanted Picture in the Post Office –

  2. ZED says...

    The tie in with food is that if they spill anything on themselves it doesn’t show.

  3. AzureGhost says...

    Isn’t this one of the schools the obama’s are sponsoring?

  4. ZED says...

    Haven’t heard that tough noogies line in years.
    Love it.

  5. Burt Squirt ( says...

    Nice to see you lot are mocking someone else’s religion. Imagine if anyone had a go at the Jews…

    • Anthony Franza says...

      Which one are you in the picture?

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