Why Would Anyone Pay To See This Guy?

Posted on August 21st, 2014 · Deals Music/Events/Other

* Why Would Anyone Pay To See This Guy?

Jeff Eats has been an attorney since 1973. Guys like Jordan Belfort break the law, get caught and then rat their buddies out to get reduced prison sentences. Guaranteed, if you were a cop, or a soldier, or a marine, or a sailor, or in the air force, or a fireman, or a rescue worker-you wouldn’t want to be partnered with a guy like Jordan Belfort -because when push comes to shove- he’d never have your back! Remember, a leopard can’t change its spots!

I ask you again- Why would Anyone Pay To See This Guy?


If you want to “see” Jordan Belfort- living is running the “below” deal.

Ticket to The Wolf of Wall Street Seminar
Au-Rene Theater | James L Knight Center • Miami, FL
Wednesday, September 17 or Thursday, September 18
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You’ve seen the movie, now get advice from the real-life “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort. He’ll explain the truth behind his exploits as a hugely successful stockbroker at this not-to-be-missed event. Use this deal for one Executive, VIP, or Platinum-level ticket and choose from Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, September 17 or Miami on Thursday, September 18.

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The Wolf of Wall Street Tour’s Website

fine print

REFUND POLICY: This event is nonrefundable. No full or partial refunds are given to customers who miss an event. In the event of a cancellation, your voucher will be fully refunded • Each voucher is good for 1 person • The deal is valid only for tickets on the date[s] of the event as listed and may not be exchanged or redeemed for any other dates • Purchaser may change the name of the individual retrieving tickets up to 24 hours in advance of event via the LivingSocial website event details section; no name-changes or alternate pick-ups permitted without notice at venue • Entire value must be used in a single visit

18 Comments to “Why Would Anyone Pay To See This Guy?”

  1. JMH56 says...

    Once again you are right on the mark.
    What you have here is a two bit punk who got caught. As soon as he was caught he started cooperating with the government and that’s why he got such a light sentence 22 months. Now he has repackaged himself and goes around lecturing people. As you said a leopard cant change its spots. The way I see it, for the rest of his life he has to look over his shoulder. He may think that he got away with it, but just maybe one day someone out there sees it differently.
    As for his partner Porush, he’s still scamming people. He is involved with some diabetic equipment scam. Another leopard that cant change his spots.
    Sorry thing about this is that there will be dopes who buy tkts to see him.
    Terrific blog.

  2. LODI says...

    Groupon is also running this deal.
    I’m with you, there is no reason why anyone in their right mind would spend money to listen to a convicted felon like this. The fellow is just a con man.

  3. ABF87 says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Got you beat, I’ve been in practice since 1970. Done my fair share of white collar cases.
    I saw the movie when it came out and certain scenes made me laugh.
    One that really comes to mind is the scene on the yacht where Belfort plays tough guy with the FBI agent.
    What you know and some of your readers may or may not know is that CRIMINALS like Belfort don’t play tough guy with the FBI or for that matter any Government Agent. The Belforts of this world are what we call pussies. They AREN’T Mafia guys or drug dealers. They are usually little middle class boys who got lucky with their scam but are scared sheeetless of going to jail. As you know, as soon as the GOVERNMENT is on to them they squeal and spill their guts out trying to get the Government to go easy on them. These guys would turn their 98 year old mothers in to try and save themselves.
    Belfort lecturing on anything other than being a RAT is worthless.

  4. GetHim67 says...

    White collar criminals like this are like little girls when they get caught. They spill their guts to save themselves. They’ll turn anybody and anyone in to lessen their sentence. A guy like Belfort should just lay low. What he and others just don’t get is that he burned a ton of people and you never know when one of those folks decides to even the score.

  5. ANEIGHBOR says...

    I was a neighbor of Belfort’s partner Danny Porush.

    Don’t know Belfort but I know Porush.

    This guy would rob his own mother.

    It is guys like Porush who give Jews a bad name.

    He is a disgrace.

  6. Ken W. says...

    I agree with what you say, but this guy is nothing compared to our ” To big to fail” bankers… The real crooks run our banks and government .

    • Tom Smith says...

      But this guy has the nerve to sell tickets to dopes.
      Talk about having a lot of nerve.
      He should be in jail.

  7. ccrider says...

    I cant believe he would have the balls to lecture people. If the guy was so smart he wouldn’t have got caught and he wouldn’t have gone to jail and he wouldn’t have to look over his shoulder for guys looking to do him in.

  8. Shelly H says...

    So why bother even giving him any publicity in you column. Just helping make him make more money off the suckers out there. Not that any of your readers would be suckers.

  9. MrPostman says...

    I am a retired postal inspector.
    You are correct that when caught criminals like Belfort turn on everyone and their mother to save themselves. Years ago organized crime never had turncoats but today even these folks rat each other out. Tough today to find a crook with ethics when it comes to ratting their fellow crooks out.

  10. robertw says...

    The movie was very overrated. I usually like Scorcese but it dragged long and some of the scenes were not that funny. I knew this story from many years ago. There was another guy Barry Minnow who a big con man. He got out of jail and did seminars on how to not get conned etc. He is back in jail for more scams again. Somehow people think Belfort is a great salesman or something because of the movie. DiCaprio never turns down Martin for a movie, or so it seems. As far as him being smart about getting caught, he like most thought he could keep the scam running for a long time. Getting caught was not thought about.

  11. Stan W says...

    The guy is a lowlife scum bag. He cheated people out of their hard earned money.
    He should have been sentenced to 25 years.

  12. GotTakenButGood says...

    The bastard’s firm beat me and my late husband out of $39,000.

  13. Don Brasco says...

    I’m going to see him.
    Can’t wait for questions and answers.
    I’ll ask him how come he failed to pay back people under govt agreement,.

  14. Joey Deal says...

    Just another low life crooked punk.
    No way anyone should pay him any attention.

  15. SidRidesABike says...

    I see his buddy Porush is in hot water again with some diabetic scam company. It was raided by the FBI yesterday in Boca Raton. These guys never stop and they never learn their lesson.

    • COUNTRYCLUBJOE says...

      Saw this on tv last night.
      This guy Porush is an absolute jerk.
      He lived in the same Boca country Club that I do.
      He is a real piece of trash and I won’t even go into his wife’s behavior.
      His latest run in with the law concerns a medical device company in Boca Raton.
      Your Company’s offices usually don’t get raided by the FBI etc because you are a good guy.
      Not sure what they are looking for but Porush is walking on a tight rope right now.

      • ZED says...

        These guys never learn their lesson.
        Serve Porush right if he gets 20 years this time.

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