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HipPOPs Dessert Truck (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach-Counties)

Posted on August 20th, 2014 · Desserts Fast Food


***** HipPOPs Dessert Truck.

Way back on August 15, 2014 Jeff Eats briefly mentioned HipPOPS Dessert Truck. That “brief” story is reprinted below.

Like Jimmy Olsen, I stayed on the beat and late yesterday “tried” HipPOPS out. Sampled pops included-cappuccino gelato/milk chocolate/crushed pretzels ($5), vanilla bean gelato/dark chocolate/crushed pistachios ($5) and lemon sorbet/white chocolate/chocolate sprinkles ($4.50) and I gotta tell you, these customized “pops” were amazing.

Real simple concept…you pick your gelato/sorbet/yogurt flavor (20 different flavors), then coat the pop with either milk/dark/white chocolate and then top the pop with 1-10 items like crushed pecans, rainbow sprinkles, crushed almonds.

HipPOPs Dessert Truck services Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The company also caters private/corporate events.

Like I said 3 seconds ago, the pops were amazing!

Checkout for menu/prices/other info.

HipPOPs Dessert Truck (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach-Counties)
Posted on August 15th, 2014 · Desserts Fast Food · [edit]

* HipPOPs Dessert Truck.

Just a heads-up…Jeff Eats is hearing that HipPOPs hand-makes amazingly delicious gelato, sorbet and yogurt pops.

Jeff Eats is planning on “trying” HipPOPs later this month-and I’ll give you the skinny after i’ve completed my mission.

In the mean-time, you can do your own reconnaissance. HipPOPs Dessert Truck “covers” Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

You can check the truck’s schedule at

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