Alton Brown Live (Clearwater, Coral Springs, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville)


* Alton Brown Live.

Jeff Eats loves Alton Brown…

I pity the fool (courtesy Mister T.) I mean foodie -who doesn’t know about Brown-one of tv’s coolest, hippest, quirkiest hosts!


This Fall-Alton Brown is going on tour…and if his tv shows are any indication of what his live performances are “like”-the shows should be real pissers.

For those of you who are lost here, check and to get some idea and feel-as to what this-guy is all about.


In checking Alton Brown’s tour schedule I see that he has Florida stops planned for Clearwater, Coral Springs, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville (February 3-8, 2015).

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are planning on being at the Coral Springs show.

Just a guess…Alton Brown Live is going to be a SRO affair…so don’t wait too long to get your tickets.

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