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This morning a neighbor of mine, Larry C asked me and I quote…

“Jeff, if you had to pick one Florida pizza joint to get pizza from, where would you go?”

Larry C’s question got me to thinking, that all of this food reviewing-rating-arguing-picking is just a “fun” exercise at best. Like I’ve said 2,030,005 times, what Jeff Eats likes you may hate and vice versa.

Everybody- at least the everybody(s) that I know, has his/her own opinion on everything in life. For crying out loud, I’ve changed my opinion on something, sometimes two or three times in a single day.

I’m not going to name names, but there are some food bloggers and food critics down here and elsewhere, who actually believe some of the crap that they write. The “detail” that they go into when “discussing” this dish and that dish–are mind boggling. What you might find sweet, I might find sour…What you might consider sharp, I might consider bland. Get my drift?

From Day-One, Jeff Eats has always used a 5 Star System…if I would go back to a particular joint- 5 stars, if I wouldn’t- 0 stars–real simple. Just so you know, sometimes when I’ve gone back, the second outing wasn’t as good as the first-so there’ another fly in the ointment for you!

For sure, like you-Jeff Eats has his favorite restaurants and favorite foods and I got my “own” lists–but I guarantee you, that your favorites/lists and mine would/will never exactly mirror each other. By the way, although I have impeccable taste…your calls are as good as mine–it’s just that simple.

Over Jeff Eats’ 8 years–on occasion I’ve bit and actually made lists for you guys…looking back at some of the “calls” not my finest days-

Now to answer Larry C’s question…for today

Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza, 9118 Bird Road, Miami, Florida 33165, (305) 221-0221 (reviewed-4/7/2008).



  1. Jeff,
    I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you as to how much my family enjoys Jeff Eats.

    We have been readers since it first started and have really enjoyed many of your restaurant picks.

    What we really appreciate is you style of writing. Nothing fancy, just the every day common man writing.

    We are also well aware of how clever many of your columns are.

    Another great thing about Jeff Eats is that it isn’t boring. Most blogs and reviews follow a close format. You know this was good, this was bad, but you are so pleasantly different.

    I seriously doubt that there is another food blogger in Florida who would write a column about Medicare and how it is related to a Jewish Shiva call and tie both to food.

    We also love your comments and updates on music, shows and other events in Florida.

    You have a tremendous site and we wanted you to know that many people out here really appreciate a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks and the best of luck in the future,

    The Golden Family in North Miami

  2. DantePressman says...

    Frankie’s pizza is amazing.
    I have been taking out pizza from there since 1982.
    An absolute must try.
    There is no seating inside.

  3. Doctor G says...

    Great pick.
    They have been making pizza and garlic knots for 59 years. That should tell you that people love what they are turning out.

    My medical office use to be 3 minutes away. Can’t even begin to count how many pizzas we had picked up from there over the years.

  4. AzureGhost says...

    Best Pizza in South Florida is Villa Rose Pizza in Hollywood, Florida been there since 1957

    • TURNER says...

      Jeff’s got a great writeup on Villa Rose.

    • LODi says...

      Your comment proves Jeff’s point that everyone has an opinion.

      I love both Villa and Frankie’s.

  5. The Chowfather says...

    I’ve searched for pizza up and down the tri-county area for 20 + years and have never been to Frankie’s. Sounds like a huge fail on my part…

    On a side note, I recently posted my top ten pizza spots. I normally rank restaurants, burgers and pizza in tiers because a straight ranking is very tough to do. But I love a challenge almost as much as I love food and posted a top ten pizza list.

    Have you done Lucali on South Beach yet?

    • JeffEats says...

      The Chowfather:

      I just had a chance to read your comments.

      If you check on 4/25/14 your 2014 Burger list was published by Jeff Eats.

      Will definitely check Lucali out.

      Thanks for reading…

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