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The life of a top South Florida Food Blogger…

No fooling around here…Jeff Eats must get at least 25 unsolicited public relations-releases a day-from various pr firms (nothing like stating the obvious), restaurants, bars, bands, food manufacturers/distributors, franchises–literally promoting everything under the South Florida Sun and for that matter- everywhere else in the United States. When warranted, Jeff Eats passes the info on to you guys. Trust me, if I didn’t censor this “stuff” you would be reading about- a New York Kosher Deli that’s planning on opening in the Gaza Strip (don’t these guys know-location, location, location)…and the Hooters’ like sports bar with plans to open in Tehran (I’m hearing Jimmy Carter is an investor in this one).

Long story short,

This morning I got an email from If you check, Jeff Eats did a story on wayback on September 10, 2009. For those unfamiliar with this site…you buy discount coupons from it…just an example, you pay $10 and you get $25 worth of food at a particular restaurant.


In looking at the latest “deals” I see a number of really good Jeff Eats’ restaurant picks. More important- some of the deals “look” absolutely amazing…like $15 worth of food for $1.80…or another one that gets you $25 in food for 3 bucks.

As they-teach in junior high school…make sure you read the fine print carefully.

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