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Marty’s Hamburger Stand (Los Angeles)

Posted on August 6th, 2014 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* Marty’s Hamburger Stand.

Got this email this morning from AlFromLa…

“Recent transplant from LA, now living in Miami. Would match Marty’s burgers, dogs and fries against anyone’s. Marty’s has been feeding me for over 48 years. Once you eat Marty’s you’ll have a different perspective on what great fast food is all about. Started reading about 2 weeks ago and you have a nice site going there. Can definitely see the NYC sensibilities and leanings at work. How about letting readers list their favorite old time fast food burger/hot dog/fries restaurants outside of south Florida after it’s a big country?”



Great idea.

Guys if you are so inclined, list your favorite old time fast burger/hot dog/fries joints “not” located in Florida.

Jeff Eats will post photos of some of your picks.

Motz’s Hamburgers

7 Comments to “Marty’s Hamburger Stand (Los Angeles)”

  1. Lou G. says...

    White Manna in Hackensack, NJ makes the best sliders ever.

  2. Kalish says...

    No brainer here.
    The original Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle Washington makes awesome burgers, fries and shakes. Too bad, there aren’t any in Florida.

  3. Anthony Franza says...

    White Castle sliders are the best.
    Been eating at the Rockville Centre NY restaurant since 1974.

  4. Mark says...

    As a Floridian i have to break the rules and post about Munchies in St Pete Florida and thier Munchburger. I have been eating there since 1960 and my parents before me.

    • ZED says...

      You have to learn how to follow the rules.

  5. MoeGreenberg says...

    Been eating In N Out since 1951.
    Best there is.

  6. Morris Levy says...

    Motz’s Hamburgers in Detroit.

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