Sandra Bernhard

Posted on August 5th, 2014 · Boca Raton Music/Events/Other


* Sandra Bernhard.

Jeff Eats has been a huge-fan of comic Sandra Bernhard seemingly forever…I got hooked on Bernhard after seeing her in Martin Scorcese’s 1985 film “The King of Comedy” which starred Robert DeNiro and Jerry Lewis. Over the ensuing years, she developed into a comic diva with a huge fan base.

If you want to see an edgy/controversial/funny/offensive/brilliant/campy performer–then make it your business to catch her at Jazziz Nightlife (in Boca Raton’s Mizner Park)-where she is slated to perform on Tuesday, August 12th and Wednesday, August 13th at 7:30pm.

Bernhard’s show-called Sandyland-a combination of comic wit/vocal prowess backed by her band The Flawless Zircons-has received rave reviews all over the country.

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  1. Nick G says...

    Just watched some videos on her.
    Very funny and not half bad singer.
    Jazziz has tkts priced at 60, 100, 150.
    I saw Starship there last week.
    Same price structure but a few days before show 60 dropped to 37.
    Going to see if same thing happens here.
    Would love to see her.

  2. jerry g says...

    Saw the show last night. Very funny and she sings pretty good.
    Picked up 2 Gen Adm tkts for $40 a piece.

    Jazziz did a terrible job on this show. Its noisy in the room and you could barely hear Bernhardt.

    Not going there again until they get their operations straightened out.

    • i was also there last night.
      very poorly run show.
      hard to see and hear from many seats.
      i also paid 40 for 60 priced tkts and the view from the bar sucked.
      Enjoyed the show but the noise was bad and it was hard to see.
      First and last time for me going to Jazziz.

  3. Dave W says...

    Saw her tonight.
    She is terrible.
    Not funny and can’t sing at all.
    Very boring.

  4. Tom P says...

    To The Owners Of Jazziz:

    Last night my wife and I saw Sandra Bernhard. We had $60 tickets.

    Based on last night we seriously doubt that Jazziz will be in business for too much longer.

    For $120 we got to stand in the back of the room with a bunch of other people and watch the show. What a ripoff.

    When we arrived, your front door was busy trying to up sell people into $100 and $150 seats both which require $35 minimum food purchases per person. Talk about the ultimate ripoff.

    As for the show itself, the lady is okay but didn’t have the room laughing like crazy. That’s not your fault, but if you have a video of the show Bernhard was very negative on Jazziz. Don’t recall her exact words, but she said that she gets paid and is done while you folks are stuck with the business. Very negative comments. In all the shows we have seen that’s the first time that we’ve heard a paid performer knock the club that brought them in.

    You have a nice looking room, but if you think that people are going to pay you the prices you are charging for too much longer you are in for a huge shock.

    When you built Jazziz you obviously didn’t have an expert design the showroom. Many spots can’t even see the performer clearly.

    We definitely won’t be back.

    If you want to survive, you had better get someone in there who knows how to run a club.

  5. KSR says...

    We saw Sandra on Tuesday night. Loved her performance.

  6. Nonon45 says...


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