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Posted on August 1st, 2014 · American Delicatessen Fast Food

* Knishes.

Jeff Eats just got this email from reader JWO…

Hey Jeff,
Just read your Nathan’s story.
Down here from Brooklyn over 24 years.
Just a quick test for you a former New Yoorker circa 1950.
Name the 3 best knish joints that NYC had in the 50s-70s.
I know it’s a judgment call but I’d love to see where your head is on the subject.
By the way, nobody beats Nathan’s fries.


Too Easy!

By the way Yonah Shimmel in Manhattan is still open.


20 Comments to “Knishes”

  1. ED F, says...

    jeff, have gotten knishes from all three.
    all were great. my favorite was shatzkin’s.
    as you correctly mentioned Yonah Shimmel is still open.

  2. JW0 says...

    You read my mine.
    Exactly, shatzkin, shimmel, stahl. We use to call them the 3’S.
    I personally liked shatzkin the best.
    Shimmel is still in business.
    Great picks.

  3. Arnie B says...

    Whose got good knishes in south Florida?

    • LODI says...

      Try Pita Nosh in the food court at the Festival Flea Market in a Pompano Beach. They make their own and they are delicious.

    • Jon G says...

      Flakowitz in Boynton Beach has a delicious knish

      • Shelly H says...

        If you watch Diners Drive Ina and Dives, you will see that Flakowitz puts butter in their Knishes. If you are Kosher be aware.

        • Jon G says...

          If you are kosher you wouldn’t be eating there at all!!

  4. Andy Resnick says...

    Zinger’s Deli in Boca has delicious knishes.
    By the way I use to live down the block from Mrs. stahlx’s in the 70’s. Great knishes.

  5. Larry Lehrman says...

    Who here remember Ruby The Knishman who sold knishes from a pushcart in Canarsie?
    He made and sold the most delicious potato knishes.

    • Shelly H says...

      He also had a truck that went around to the Bungalow Colonies in the 1950’s – the 1970’s

  6. Ron Dee says...

    Knish Knosh in Queens has been around since 1952. They make great knishes.

    • LODI says...

      Knish Knosh a few years ago opened in s Florida but didn’t make it. I had their kasha and potato when they were here and they were just ok. But nothing great.
      The guy at the Festival Flea Market makes better ones.

  7. Jon G says...

    Why can’t I get a meat knish here in South Florida like I did in NYC?

  8. Shelly H says...

    Does anyone remember Jerry’s from the Boardwalk in the Rockaways and then Queens Blvd. in Forest Hill. They made some great Knishes.

  9. Jessejames says...

    Ive eaten my fair share of knishes.
    Nobody’s beat Shatzkin’s.

  10. Shaul Banouz says...

    We are located at the border of Broward and Palm Beach county in The Fesftival Flea Market food court. Daily baked Knishes.

  11. Adam Y says...

    Went to Yonah Shimmel today and had potato and kasha knishes. Amazing.
    Great recommendation.

  12. Murray Strauss says...

    From: murray strauss
    Subject: Knish

    Message Body:
    Playing around on the internet and found this …

  13. al kalfus says...

    How do I get knishes delivered to fountain view
    senior apt in west palm beach

  14. Gary Shulman says...

    From: Gary Shulman
    Subject: Ruby the Knishman

    Message Body:
    Ruby the Knishman ©
    Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
    June 17, 2021

    Oh how I do wish
    For a Ruby’s knish
    Be it Kasha or tater
    No one did it any greater
    Hot knishes he’d serve
    With finesse, class and verve
    Blackened fingernails added flavor
    We indulged and we did savor
    The wonderful, sumptuous and elegant taste
    Not a single crumb ever went to waste
    That was indeed a wonderful time
    When Ruby’s knishes were better than wine
    Now we think back on those glorious days
    How we relished those treats,
    Enjoyed by us all in so many ways
    Days of knishes so fine and so grand
    And how cherished Ruby’s knishes were
    In dear sweet Canarsie-land

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