M.E.A.T. Keep An Eye On Your Employees!

Posted on July 27th, 2014 · American Boca Raton


M.E.A.T. Keep An Eye On Your Employees!

Long story short,

M.E.A.T. Eatery & Tap Room recently opened in Boca Raton.

On May 7, 2014 I called M.E.A.T.’s original Islamorada location to get some background info on the Islamorada joint and the future-Boca Raton location. My call was answered by a woman. Don’t have a name but she was told- that I was Jeff of and that I was preparing a story on the “restaurant.” The woman took my phone number and said and I quote “Let me go into the office and I’ll call you right back.” Suffice it to say, to date Jeff Eats has never heard from that woman or from anyone evenly remotely connected to this business.

Printed below is a Jeff Eats’ story which ran on May 7, 2014. Trust me, if I had gotten some first hand info from M.E.A.T. the story would probably have gone “deeper” into the coming Boca Raton joint etc.


I know and you know that isn’t the be-all and end-all of food blogs, but I do know that-that female employee did a disservice to her employer. Nothing for nothing, but she deprived them of Free Publicity. Guaranteed, the owners don’t even know that I called looking to talk to them.

Trust me on this, it’s employees like this- that often do businesses in…they just don’t give a good crap about the people they work for.

Now some of you guys maybe saying, Hey Jeff-when you didn’t get a call back, why didn’t you call again? To you guys, I say- Why should I have called back? The lady had my number and said she would call me.

Now, it is possible-that the lady was told by someone higher up not to call back…but that scenario doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Finally, M.E.A.T. won’t be seeing Jeff Eats as a patron- so you guys are on your own-on this one!

M.E.A.T. Eatery & Tap Room (Islamorada, Boca Raton)
Posted on May 7th, 2014 · American Boca Raton · [edit]

* M.E.A.T. Eatery & Tap Room.

In recent months, a number of people “raved” to Jeff Eats about M.E.kA.T. Eatery & Tap Room in Islamorada, Florida. The raves–great burgers, fries, beer, bbq.

Just so we are straight, Jeff Eats has never been to– nor eaten in M.E.A.T.–but I will tell you, it’s an absolute pain in the ass to type M.E.A.T.


This afternoon, Jeff Eats learned from his buddies at BurgerBeast that- in a couple of weeks, M.E.A.T. is opening a second location in Boca Raton at 980 North Federal Highway. After getting the “scoop” Jeff Eats visited the Boca site-which is on the ground floor of an office building/booths & tables are actually in the lobby…real cool configuration-but I’m not so sure this “setup” is gonna work in Boca Raton-time will tell! One other thing- nothing for nothing, based on what Jeff Eats saw- there is no way that this “construction site” will be ready in two weeks… But then again, Jeff Eats thought that McGovern was going to trounce Nixon. We’ll see!

You now know as much as I do about M.E.A.T.

You can check for menu/prices/other stuff.

22 Comments to “M.E.A.T. Keep An Eye On Your Employees!”

  1. Josh says...

    So let me get this straight…someone from a restaurant didn’t call you back so you now have an attitude and refuse to eat there? Wow.

    Here’s a suggestion…maybe a restaurant reviewer ought to eat at a restaurant first and then worry about the background of the place for his review. That is, unless you’re looking for a free meal then, by all means, call the joint and toss your blog’s name around.

    Honestly, Jeff, folks like you are giving food reviewers a bad name. Shame on you.

    • ZED says...

      You are so off base that It’s not even funny.
      First, the fact that Jeff even published your negative comment should show you that he is a straight shooter. He could have just deleted you and gone on his merry way, but he didn’t.
      Next, I have to agree with Jeff that if a restaurant doesn’t have the courtesy to return a call, then Jeff really doesn’t have to do anything further.
      Third, Jeff Eats is known for telling readers about restaurants that are in the works and have yet to open. Now you tell me, how is going to get pertinent information without talking to the folks behind the project. All he was doing was trying to get information about a new restaurant that was coming to Boca Raton.
      Fourth, you do know that every Thursday the Sun Sentinel highlights 4 new restaurants or changing restaurants and that reporter is COMPED every meal. I guess that’s okay in your book.
      You obviously are new to this site.
      Jeff calls it like it is.
      Unlike newspapers and magazines that live from ads Jeff Eats doesn’t.
      Finally, if more bloggers and critics were like Jeff people wouldn’t be suckered by paid for reviews.
      You are a loser.

    • LODI says...

      All I know is that when someone tells me that they will call me right back I hold them to it.
      I don’t blame Jeff one bit for being annoyed.
      You are a dumb ass.
      It’s folks like you who think that common business courtesy is a thing of the past that have caused America to go downhill.
      You make up some bull sheet story instead of calling impoliteness what is, insulting.
      Jeff calls it just as it is. That’s why he let you speak your mind as small as maybe.
      Jeff’s the man!

  2. Shahir says...

    “Next, I have to agree with Jeff that if a restaurant doesn’t have the courtesy to return a call, then Jeff really doesn’t have to do anything further.”

    That’s an excellent point, Zed. “Anything further” could also include writing a negative blog post on a restaurant that made the apparent fatal error of not returning Jeff Eats’ pre-restaurant visit call (for an unknown reason).

    • ZED says...

      I don’t see a negative review, do you?
      All I see is Jeff commenting on an employee’s behavior.

  3. Sha says...

    Jeff, you’re being a ‘New Yorker’. We so take people on their word, if someone says they will or they will have someone call you back, you expect a callback. Shame on them. THEY dropped the ball and you are simply calling it like it is!

    • LODI says...

      All I know is that if I was the owner I would be awfully pissed off at the woman who failed to call back. I’m with Jeff in that the owner knows nothing about this dumb employee’s behavior. Just imagine a powerful food blog wants to do a story on your new restaurant and because of some jackass you don’t get the article. I would be pissed no end!!!!’m

    • ZED says...

      Any sensible person knows that when you say I’ll call you right back, that means you call the person right back.
      Jeff is a businessman and professional, he respects and counts on his word and others words to mean something.

    • KSR says...

      If you say something then do what you promised.
      Too many people today are lax and irresponsible .
      I’m with Jeff.

  4. TURNER says...

    I checked out MEAT.
    Dumb idea putting restaurant in a lobby.
    It will be out of business in 6 months.

  5. Jon G says...

    Jeff is right by saying he should have gotten a return call. However not to go and review the food because of some incompetent employee is wrong. This place could be better than the best burger joint in town and Jeff and us wouldn’t know about it just because of someone’s laziness or just not caring. This isn’t the way to do it! Go and review this place and see for yourself it’s any good. Then call the owner to fire this incompetent b#^ch.

    • K3423232 says...

      Jeff is under no obligation to review anything.
      All he did was just move onto the next joint.
      When opportunity knocks you got to open the door.
      MEAT didn’t opening the door. Just that simple.

      • Jon G says...

        Why deny us a review of a place that a lot of people are raving about because of some dumb-ass employee? I could care less one way or the other but it just doesn’t make sense. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face!!

        • LODI says...

          Easy answer.
          I guess Jeff doesn’t want to spend his money at this restaurant.
          You obviously are forgetting that Jeff has to go into his own pocket each and every time to generate the reviews you read.
          My guess is that he would rather spend his money elsewhere and I don’t blame him.

          • Jon G says...

            I don’t know spending what $20 to $40 or less on what could be a good meal for the sole reason of someone’s incompetence that has nothing to do with the food. No I just don’t get it?

  6. Ken W. says...

    This is funny stuff.. There is conflict all over the World and we are arguing about a probably 16 year old girl who was required to work by her parents for the new boob job she just got..

    • NixonJones says...

      That’s what makes Jeff Eats the great site that it is.

      Unlike all the others that just talk about food, Jeff instead throws in other stuff to get the juices flowing.

      Personally I think that Jeff comparing John Oates to Bud Abbott is brilliant.

      Jeff is always thinking of cool ways of getting his point across.

      Love, this site.

      • ZED says...

        Come to think of it, Jeff’s Oates Abbott comment is great.

        I can’t think of any other food blog or critic who is as deeply read and as knowledgeable as Jeff.

        Jeff always seems to cone up with a story that gets the blood boiling and often requires some smarts to even know what is is talking about.

  7. Tom Smith says...

    From: Tom Smith
    Subject: MEAT

    Message Body:
    I have been following your blog for a few months since we came up and opened our
    new restaurant in Boca and was surprised to see your blog this Sunday regarding
    our restaurant M.E.A.T. this past Sunday. Please email me your phone or other
    contact info, I’d love to talk with you regarding your experience with our
    waitstaff from our Islamorada restaurant. I’d like to hear from you what exactly
    happened – thank you –

    • JeffEats says...

      Tom Smith:

      It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. Our hour telephone conversation really gave Jeff Eats a nice feel for your new Boca venture and future plans.

      For those reading this “reply” Tom is one of MEAT’s owners.

      Based on our conversation, I will definitely give M.E.A.T. a try and let Jeff Eats’ readers know what I think!.

      Once again, thanks for the email and followup call…

  8. H5R349 says...

    Breakfast and lunch. Going to die in the evening.

  9. SidRidesABike says...

    Horrendous location.
    Burger was good.
    Won’t last for too long.

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