Remember When Obama Mocked Romney Over Russia!

Posted on July 21st, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Remember When Obama Mocked Romney Over Russia!

Like politicians…food reviewers, food critics, food bloggers–get things wrong!


Read the write-ups, but let your own “tastebuds” guide you accordingly.

5 Comments to “Remember When Obama Mocked Romney Over Russia!”

  1. ZED says...

    I also recall when Palin warned that Russia would invade Ukraine and Dems ltfao.
    Any intelligent person knows that Obama is way over his head and that Romney would have been better.
    But what is is.

  2. Jeff,
    Obama, H. Clinton, Kerry they stink.
    Anyone with common sense knows that they are scared to make a move.
    By the way Bush was a moron. Got us into 2 wars for no good reason.
    On Romney, he saw exactly what was what but Americans as usual didn’t appreciate how smart he is.
    No question in my mind that we would be far better off with Romney at the helm than with Obama.
    By the way love the way you tied politics with a food blog.
    You are right, critics opinions are just that, opinions and nothing more.

  3. HerbK says...

    2012 332 – 206

    2016 Hillary will do better than that

    You can’t even sniff 270 when you get less than 45% of the women’s vote and 30% of the Hispanic vote.

  4. TURNER says...

    This guy Obama is so over his head when it comes to world politics that it’s scary.
    Romney would have been a better leader.
    By the way Bush jr was so wrong on Iraq that they should lock him up.
    I call it like it is.

  5. LODI says...

    In the past 3 months not one person I have spoken to will admit to having voted for Obama. The guy on foreign affairs is clueless.

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