Howard Stern–THE FLAG!

Posted on July 20th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Howard Stern–THE FLAG!

Just a thought,

It seems to me-that in every episode of tv’s America’s Got Talent- 2014 that judge Howard Stern wears an American “flag” scarf.

Go figure, I thought that there were “official” rules on how to treat the American flag! Now nothing for nothing, everything that Jeff Eats has ever read or heard about the “flag” has never condoned using the American flag as a piece of clothing. Trust me, I’m no prude and a huge believer in freedom of speech and personal rights- but it just seems to me that the “same” flag (or a very close facsimile) that is draped over the coffins of our soldiers and flown at half-staff to honor the 9/11 dead and wounded-shouldn’t be reduced to a silk scarf wrapped around some tv/radio personality’s neck as a fashion accessory. But that’s just me!

I’d love to know if these “scarfs” are generating negative viewer comments to the network and the show’s sponsors?

What do you guys think?


I just wanted you guys to know that-Jeff Eats read your comments-to add to the discussion I want you folks to know that I also think that “below” photo is another disgusting (wink! wink!) misuse of the red-white-blue.


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  1. LODI says...

    Fed Law is clear that the flag is never to be worn as apparel.

  2. Sid L. Turner says...

    Stern violates the rules.
    I’ll bet you a number of sponsors dropped AGT because he’s on the show.
    The flag wearing is insulting to all Americans.

    • Ken W. says...


      You obviously know nothing about Howard Stern. He is totally big on charity… The network hired him to gain sponsors, not lose them. He was also renewed by the network. Listen to his show before you make comments.

      • CPJames says...

        Years ago my wife was a very good friend with Howard’s first wife.
        No details, but trust this when I tell you, Howard Stern when it came to the wife and kids was absolute scumbag.
        Imagine a bat mitzvah where every guest was searched because Howard was scared that someone would shoot or stab him?
        This man back then was a total wacko.
        I recall him even claiming to have fought in Viet Nam and telling war stories.
        I appreciate poetic license etc., but bsing about being a soldies pushes the line.
        I lost several close friends in that war and having Howard Stern tell stories of his army days just didn’t cut it.
        Now I know that the scarf he wear isn’t a real flag.
        But the point is why wear something that even resembles what people literally worship as freedom all over the world as a silly ornament?

        • Ken W. says...

          I have listened to him for over 20 years and never heard him say he served in the military…

          • JerseyJuke says...

            Stern on air use to make up outrageous adventures he had as a soldier in nam. Guys died there and this fu&king idiot was making fun.

  3. Felise S. says...

    There are a number of websites that sell American flag scarves. Some of them are Amazon Target, Pinterest and there are many more.

  4. scottitude says...

    Apparel made from a fabric dyed or printed with a pattern that resembles the US flag is vastly different from cutting up an actual flag and stitching it into a garment.

    Anyone that thinks Stern’s scarf was made from a flag is a moron.

    Having said that, scarves on men as a fashion accessory is just silly, no matter who they are.

  5. Jeff,
    I’m sort of on the same page as you are.

    I really don’t enjoy seeing tee shirts etc which portray the American flag. The flag in my opinion is one of the very few symbols that really conveys what America is all about. Just keep that picture of those soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t know about the rest of you readers but I’m 93 years old and was involved in D-Day Invasion. I watched many of my friends die before they even hit the sand. Howard Stern can wear whatever he likes. It was guys like me and many before and after who fought to make sure that he can. The flag to many Americans is a scared symbol of what we as a people are all about. It just seems low brow to take the symbol of freedom and make it into a cartoon.

  6. Emerald Green says...

    My wife is the girl on the far right…. I know you wont believe me, but its true!

    • LODI says...

      Emerald Green:

      Too bad she’s not the one on the far left. Oh well!

  7. Jimmy h says...

    Years ago Stern constantly told wild stories about his military service in Nam. All of course BS.
    I stopped listening back then because the guy is a total jerk.

  8. Jon G says...

    Howard Stern is hilarious!! If you take him for real your a fool!!
    Now those girls know a thing or two or six about patriotism!!!

  9. jetter says...

    Saw the first live show last night. Howard was in a suit with tie. No flag draped on his neck. Maybe he listened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mark Hobart says...

    I am a Nam Combat Vet with a 20 foot flag pole and nice large American flag on it. I never considered our Flag as wear except for my always worn lapel pin. Watching the foreign brothers of pigs on TV burn our flag makes me want to shoot them all and hopefully we will destroy most of them. My opinion about wearing our flag as apparel changed when the 9th Circuit Court of Communist and perverted judges said Americans could not wear the American flag shirts “BECAUSE THEY MIGHT OFFEND MEXICANS’ on THEIR Mexican flag wearing annual party. Not because it was not appropriate but because it might offend FOREIGNERS and illegals. I will be wearing a US Flag shirt on Cinco De Mayo and ask all true AMERICANS to do the same. My Vietnam Brothers will.

    THIS IS AMERICA. Nor Mexico or some Muslim sand dune.


  11. AF6 says...

    I noticed during the finals that the flag scarf disappeared.
    Rules rules, it’s just in bad taste to use the colors for clothing.

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