Jerry’s Famous Deli Closes! (Miami Beach)

Posted on July 14th, 2014 · American Delicatessen Miami Beach


* Jerry’s Famous Deli Closes!

Back on July 22, 2008 Jeff Eats wrote:

Jerry’s Famous Deli, 1450 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (305) 532-8030.

“Jerry’s Famous Deli is an absolutely gorgeous 1940′s retro looking kosher style deli located in South Beach…that has absolutely horrendous-overpriced food. This joint is strictly for the tourist crowd…and for late night clubbers too drunk to know any better.
Stay away.”

Just read in the Miami New Times (story below) that Jerry’s is no more…

Jeff Eats was “early” on this call…

Can’t believe it took people so-long to wise up. AND not for one single minute does Jeff Eats believe the “spin” story that Jerry’s gave for the closing…
Jerry’s Famous Deli has closed.
After over a dozen years serving pastrami to South Beach night owls, tourists, and locals alike, Jerry’s Famous Deli has closed. The restaurant shuttered its doors last weekend.

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The first Jerry’s Famous Deli opened in 1978 in Studio City, California, by Ike Starkman and Jerry Seidman. It made a reputation for itself by serving authentic New York deli offerings. The restaurant caught on like wildfire, capitalizing on its location near a host of television and film studios with many New York transplants seeking out a taste of home.

Jerry’s Famous Deli opened the South Beach location in the early 2000s. The Starkman family, with son Jason at the helm, also owns the three Miami-Dade Epicure Gourmet Markets. The deli was named “best late-night dining 2003” by New Times. The South Beach location, much like the California delis, capitalized on the fact that many New Yorkers, both here on vacation and on a more permanent basis, would miss the “mile-high” corned beef, pastrami, and brisket sandwiches made famous by Manhattan institutions like Katz’s and Carnegie Deli.

Jason Starkman issued the following statement about the restaurant’s closure:

“After 14 successful years on South Beach, Jerry’s Famous Deli has decided to close our doors. Our initial lease was up and there was interest from another company who wanted the space. Thank you to all of our customers, staff and friends who have made the last 14 years so amazing. Jerry’s Famous Deli continues in California, so please visit us there.”

It’s rumored that Señor Frog’s might take over the giant 11,000-square-foot space.

We’ll miss the ability to get matzo ball soup and a good slice of cheesecake in South Beach 24/7.”

14 Comments to “Jerry’s Famous Deli Closes! (Miami Beach)”

  1. LODI says...

    Jeff, Jerry’s sold the worse overpriced crap.
    As for the closing.
    If they were doing great they wouldn’t be closing.
    The story is total spin.
    You are so right, tourists and drunks kept this mess open all these years.

  2. Dino John says...

    Jerry’s bought the Rascal House and ruined it in N Miami.
    They opened a Rascal House in Boca Raton and it failed miserably.
    The Jerry’s in South Beach was a disaster. Only clubbers and dumb tourists would eat its garbage.
    How Jerry’s stayed around in South Beach for so long is beyond me.
    Jerry’s food is terrible and overpriced.

  3. AzureGhost says...

    Charlie Bookbinder was the last great owner of a South Florida deli. He owned Pumpernicks and won the original one in Miami Beach from Wolfie Cohen (Wolfies) in a poker game. He told me he sold the chain years ago because he saw that all the condo’s being built in South Florida had kitchen and was afraid people would eat in too much. Charlie started Larry King on his career as Larry use to do his original show from Pumpernicks and interview all the performers in the morning leading up to their performances when Miami Beach “was” the hot spot…

    • Bill Christine says...

      Hi, AzureGhost.
      I am writing a book that mentions Larry King. I interviewed Larry in March. I would like to use your item about Charlie Bookbinder winning his Pumpernick’s from Wolfie Cohen in a poker game, but would like to reference that in a footnote using your real name. Would you mind giving me your name so I can do that? Many thanks.

      Bill Christine
      310 489-1701

  4. Josh says...

    Good call, Jeff. Jerry’s lasted only 6 years after you wrote that spot on review. How many customers could they have possibly served during those 2100 days? You saw right thru their BS.

    • CalindaJones says...

      You were probably one of the dopes that ate at Jerry’s during those 6 years.
      Guys like you don’t get it.
      Back in 2008 Jeff said the food was crap and overpriced. He also said that tourists and drunken club goers were the only ones who wouldn’t know the difference.
      Obviously guys like you, Drunks and tourists didn’t see through Jerry’s BS.
      Keep in mind for years people claimed the world was flat. Finally everyone came to know the truth. Just because people fell for BS doesn’t make it not BS.

    • Nikko says...

      Anyone who knows deli knew that Jerry’s was peddling garbage.
      It took 6 years for this scam to run out of gas.

  5. Joey says...

    Wolfies was a great place. Rascal House was solid but Wolfies was where we went 25 years ago. I figured Jerry’s owned that spot. Glad they did not profit from selling it.

  6. Gary Goldberg says...

    Jerry’s ruined the Rascal House. Just that simple.

  7. Jay becker says...

    ate in jerry’s one time and that was one time too many. the food was terrible and the service just as bad. as for the prices absolutely absurd. I agree with jeff that this restaurant should have been out of business years ago.

  8. Sid L. Turner says...

    Years ago Jerry’s opened a Rascal house here in Boca Raton. People were all excited about the opening. When it opened the food was disgusting, the place was filthy and totally mismanaged. It didn’t last long and closed.
    This Starkman family has no idea as to how to run a first class deli.
    Starkman ruined the Rascal House name.

  9. Larry S. says...

    I ate Jerry’s one time years ago and never went back. Inferior food and ridiculously high prices,
    I use to be a semi regular at Rascal House. That all ended when Jerry’s took it over. They cheapened the product and raised prices.
    I ate at Rascal House In Boca. Once was more than enough. Poor service. Dirty restaurant. Lousy food.
    How Jerry’s survives anywhere is a huge mystery.

  10. TillmanJoe says...

    Ate there years ago.
    Bad news.
    Once was it for me.
    Since it lasted so long, just goes to show you that some people will eat junk and pay for it.

  11. robertw says...

    These days the deli is just not a big thing with the younger crowd in many areas. A few years ago I was in South Beach and took some sandwiches out to my hotel. The prices were crazy and the food was just fair. Rascal House back in the day was great. Epicurian market was also a favorite of mine as well.

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