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Spadini’s Mizner Pizzeria (Boca Raton)

Posted on July 12th, 2014 · Boca Raton Fast Food Italian Pizza


***** Spadini’s Mizner Pizzeria.

Real quick and simple story for you guys…

Back on July 2, 2014 South Florida did a story on Spadini’s Mizner Pizzeria…the article focused on an upside down pizza that Spadini’s makes. In a nutshell, the site raved about the pizza and gave it 7 out of 8 stars. If you know anything about, you know that to get any-score even close to “perfection” is a near-impossibility. Now nothing for nothing, you and I both know that “rating systems” are usually meaningless–that said, over the years Jeff Eats has found to have “tastebuds” similar to Jeff Eats’ buds-so when it-yaps, I make mental notes!


You guys do know that-at heart- Jeff Eats is really a big old Sheep…

So last night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats ate at Spadini’s ordering an upside down pizza (sicilian pie/with cheese on the bottom and sauce on top) and I gotta tell you it was amazingly-delicious.

The pie ran $17.95. The pie is huge–I’m thinking it easily feeds 3-4 adults even if they are college football players who haven’t eaten in 24 hours. Just so you know, last night’s pie was “crafted” by pizza maker Mitch–and the crust, sauce, cheese and bake time were-right on the money!

I’ll leave you guys to check for its “story.”

You can check for other Spadini’s articles.

In closing, this upside down pie is a must try!

16 Comments to “Spadini’s Mizner Pizzeria (Boca Raton)”

  1. Ken W. says...

    Looks like Chicago deep dish.

  2. Nick W says...

    I ate there last night. Pizza was amazing.
    I use to be a regular at L & B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. It’s famous for this type of pie.
    Last night’s pie was almost as good as the pies from there.
    Loved Spadini’s version.

  3. Craig says...

    Jeff I am glad you liked the pizza there and trusted my tastes. I went back about five minutes after you tried it to get my own out of coincidence so we almost got to enjoy it together!

  4. Cal1947 says...

    My wife and I took out last night and this pie was delicious. I really like Spadini’s round pizza so we now have two types of pizzas to satisfy our pizza urges.

  5. Gene3452 says...

    Got their 8 buck special round pie tonight.

    Delicious pizza.

    Next time going to try the upside down pie.

  6. JohnnyEdwards says...

    You do know that they wrote about you in this month’s Boca Life Magazine?
    Great story.

  7. Nat W says...

    Had the $8 round pizza special.
    Best pizza in Boca.

  8. Wacky 65 says...

    They really know how to make delicious pizza.

  9. Paul R says...

    Excellent pizza. They also make delicious subs.

  10. Bobbie Gentry says...

    Best pizza going.
    Love their subs.

  11. Chris zc says...

    Took out their $8 pizza special. It was delicious.

  12. Jeff,
    Lou from Joe & Mario’s Barbershop in Boca.
    Two months ago you recommended Spadini’s to me.
    Finally got over there last night and had the regular pizza.
    Definitely one of the best pizzas in Florida.
    Great find. Thank you.

  13. Nottie says...

    They make delicious pizza.
    They also have delicious veal parm.

  14. SYT says...

    They make great pizza.
    No fooling!

  15. SYMAN says...

    They make a delicious chicken parm sub.

  16. Sandy Fabiano says...

    Great food but it closed. Go figure!

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