JOURNEY–FRIDAY & SATURDAY- Oh My! (Boca Raton- 7/11/14 & 7/12/14)

Posted on July 11th, 2014 · Boca Raton Italian Music/Events/Other



Got something really cool for you- Journey fans out there.

Tonight… Friday 7/11 at Mizner Park…Odyssey Road.

Tomorrow… Saturday 7/12 at Meatball Room…Chain Reaction.

In a nutshell, tonight-at Mizner Park’s Amphitheater-Odyssey Road one of America’s top Journey tribute bands is performing a FREE CONCERT.

In a nutshell, tomorrow-at Meatball Room-Chain Reaction a “brand” new Journey tribute band is performing a FREE CONCERT.

If you do some checking, Jeff Eats is very familiar with Odyssey Road. Trust me, when I tell you that the group is one of America’s top Journey bands, because they really are that good.

On Chain Reaction, Jeff Eats has never seen the group live but has watched some video on this relatively new tribute act. To be honest with you, can’t make a call on the band just yet-but I do plan on seeing them at Meatball Room and “hear” what the band has to – play for itself. In any event, Meatball Room has a great outdoor patio area for bands and some pizza/pasta/Coca Cola while watching the show should make for a real pleasant evening (assuming this dumb rain goes away)-and if the band “works out” it will be a win-win all the way around!

So there you got it…

JOURNEY on FRIDAY NIGHT and SATURDAY NIGHT…TWO FREE SHOWS- Oh My! (courtesy-Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz).
Just so you know, Odyssey goes on at 7:30pm.
Just so you know, Chain Reaction goes on at 8pm.


5 Comments to “JOURNEY–FRIDAY & SATURDAY- Oh My! (Boca Raton- 7/11/14 & 7/12/14)”

  1. Jeff in Boca says...

    I have seen Odyssey Road a number of times and the band is very good.
    I have also seen another Journey tribute Don’t Stop Believin’ a number of times and they are also very good. Not as good as Odyssey but still very good.
    I have never seen nor heard of Chain Reaction.
    Thanks for the heads up on this one.
    I am definitely going to check Chain Reaction out tomorrow.
    Jeff in Boca

  2. Lou G says...

    Saw Odyssey they were terrific. Mizner was jammed with people who came to see the band.

  3. Lou G says...

    Saw Chain Reaction last night. Really good band. There must have Benny’s 300 people outside watching the show. Inside was also packed. My wife and I had a plain pizza and some wine. Pizza was delicious and it was a great night out.

  4. StanTheMan1943 says...

    Caught Chain Reaction at Meatball Room. They put on a very nice show.
    The outdoor courtyard where they played was packed with people from start to finish. My wife and I had a couple of drinks at the bar but didn’t eat. Very pleasant evening as the weather was perfect. This is a nice venue for a show. Meatball should have more FREE shows like this. In the past $44-45 for a show and dinner wasn’t a great idea. It was too structured and really not a great bargain. With tax and tip and a few drinks and you find yourself spending a nice piece of chain. I’ll bet you Meatball did quite nicely with this Free format.

  5. Jeff Eats:
    Odyssey was simply amazing.
    Just wanted to thank you for listing this concert on your site.
    It’s not easy following all of the terrific free events that South Florida has to offer and your site helps to point things out.
    By the way I hadn’t heard of or ever seen Odyssey before Friday night and I must mention that they are as good as the original Journey back in the day.
    The crowd loved the band.

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