Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (Miami Beach)

Posted on July 7th, 2014 · Italian Miami Beach Pizza


***** Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, 520 West Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, (305) 674-8100.

Way back on February 7, 2008 Jeff Eats did a story on Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. If you like, you can read that story, if not, not!

In a nutshell-back in 2008 I was yapping about a new pizza segment “namely” coal fired pizza and how Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza was developing into a major player in Florida. In that story I also “reviewed” Anthony’s food–really enjoying everything but finding its cheese pizza sauce- bitter -to my taste. I also commented that the pizza was good but far from being great.


Here we are 6 1/2 year later…Anthony’s has loads of restaurants in Florida, not to mention Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Just so you know, in the ensuing 6 1/2 years Jeff Eats may-be ate in “an” Anthony’s 3-4 times.

To make a long story short,

Yesterday Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were in Miami Beach visiting family and we decided to give the Anthony’s located at 520 West Avenue a shot…the joint has only been open a couple of months.

Great looking joint with dark wood look. Full bar area. Staff dressed in black looked great and the service was terrific. When we (party of 6) got there about 6:30pm Anthony’s was kinda empty but by the time we left an hour later every table was taken. This location also has outdoor patio seating.

Food ordered…Italian salad, pork ribs with vinegar peppers, coal fired chicken wings, roasted cauliflower, meatballs with ricotta, cheese pizza, white pizza (ricotta, mozzarella, romano), soda by the bottle (forget about free refills).

First let me tell you, service couldn’t have been better…salad, appetizers, pizza…in the right order-and timely done–water glasses were never even close to being empty. Second, this location has a real-good GM (Tolga Ece) who stopped by the table twice during the meal to see how ever-thing was going-I also noticed that he was all over the restaurant checking on tables etc. Third, the salad and appetizers were all- right on the money. Fourth, the white pizza was good. Fifth, the cheese pizza was fair-I found the sauce bitter.

Let’s wrap this up…

All 6 of us enjoyed the meal.

By the way, you can check for menu/prices/locations.

Finally, just like 6 1/2 years ago, the cheese pizza just-didn’t do it for Jeff Eats. Goes to show you, if anything, that Jeff Eats and Anthony’s are both consistent!

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is open Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11:30am-11:30pm.

12 Comments to “Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (Miami Beach)”

  1. jacey j says...

    anthony’s is definitely the big coal oven player in our s florida area.
    my husband and i enjoy their salads and wings but find the pizza just so so.
    we definitely think that tucci’s in boca and grimaldi’s in wpb make better pizza.
    anthony’s does a good job but we find the pizzas too heavy in taste for lack of a better word.

  2. ZED says...

    You are spot on.
    Salads and wings are great.
    Pizza, just so so.

  3. Teddy G. says...

    Over the years I have eaten in Anthony’s numerous times. I have always enjoyed the wings and salads. The pizzas are ok but not great.

  4. Emerald Green says...

    Anthony’s Roasted Cauliflower Pizza is amazing and their eggplant stack is a must try! They just need better iced tea than bottled Geyser Peak (yuck)!

  5. Felise S. says...

    We prefer Nick’s New Haven style pizza in Boca. The regular cheese and white clam pizza are very good!

  6. Louie B says...

    Anthony’s pizza is ok but that’s about it.
    Salads and wings are good.
    You are right that their sauce is bitter when it should be sweet.
    I like Tucci’s, Grimaldi’s and Scarfone’s just to name three pizzas that are better.

  7. KSR says...

    Have to agree with you, pizza is the weak link in this joint. Salads, wings, ribs etc are winners.

  8. Paul B says...

    here’s your original writeup
    you point out that the pizza wasn’t all that great.
    I have eaten in Anthony’s a number of times.
    I am on the same page as you are.
    chicken and salads etc are terrific but the pizza is fair at best.
    for some reason I find the pizza HEAVY. May sound crazy but the pizzas have no style. Just loaded with whatever but they always remind me of thin piece of concrete.

    ***** Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

    Anthony’s is spreading like wildfire. Its first location in Fort Lauderdale opened about 2 years ago and since then 8 other locations have dotted the South Florida landscape. Last night I ate at its newest location in Boca Raton which opened about a week ago. For right now, there are other spots in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Weston, Palm Beach Gardens, Aventura and Plantation.

    Anthony’s is owned by the guy who owns Anthony’s Runway 84, which is a very well known “upscale” Italian joint in Fort Lauderdale.

    Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza’s menu is simple…basically coal fired pizza, coal fired chicken wings and salad. Soda is sold by the bottle and there are full bars.

    Last night’s dinner for 4 ran $55 (tax and tip included) and consisted of a large pizza (with toppings), large chicken platter, large salad and 3 bottles of soda. The pizza was good but not great. I found the sauce a “drop” on the bitter side. The chicken was excellent. The salad was excellent. I have eaten in the Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale (at least 5 times) and Pompano Beach joints and I will tell you, that they are spotless and the servers are as professional as they come.

    One quick observation, you would think that a joint that features the word “pizza” in its name, would have fabulous pizza-that’s not the case here. Anthony’s pizza is good but like I said 5 seconds ago, not great.

    In recent years a number of these coal oven pizza joints have opened. Red Rock and CoalMine in Boca Raton and Vic & Angelo’s in Palm Beach Gardens immediatley come to mind. Apparently, the public likes this type of food and the price point.

    Anthony’s is open for lunch and dinner. Guaranteed if there isn’t one currently near you, there soon will be.

  9. Deliman says...

    I ate there.
    Love the wings and meatball ricotta pizza.

  10. EK says...

    I love their pizza and wings.

  11. ksr says...

    Out of business.

  12. Kelly Giordano says...

    Huge fan of the one in Boca Raton.

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