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* MoonPie

I gotta tell you, Jeff Eats has some real good friends…thanks Melanie and Rhea!

Late yesterday-a Fedex truck dropped off a large box at my house…inside the box, 2 cases of MoonPies, that’s 192 chocolate-vanilla-banana- MoonPie “cookies.” For those of you who don’t know what a MoonPie is– two round graham cracker cookies (approximately 4 inches) with a marshmallow filling between them -dipped in a flavored coating. For you guys who have never eaten a MoonPie-I would suggest that you check and read about-one of most delicious “things” mankind has ever created for itself to eat.

To be perfectly honest with you, until yesterday, I can’t exactly recall the last time I had a MoonPie. I’m thinking something like 11 years ago when I was in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee-would be about right.

By the way, if I’m Googling-right Walmart carries MoonPie…you can also order MoonPie at


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  1. ZED says...

    They are delicious.
    The Alice Cartoon is brilliant.

  2. David L says...

    The stores inside Cracker Barrel usually sell them in all flavors. Considering that there is a Cracker Barrel approximately every 50 miles on I-95, they shouldn’t be too hard to get when you have a fix. It might even be cheaper for the gas than the $8.70 that charges for shipping.


    • David L says...

      Just got back from Cracker Barrel with my kids…Moon Pies are on sale for $3.99/box of 15.

      They are $5.95 on the website plus shipping…


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