Jimmy Stowe & The Stowaways

Posted on July 4th, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Jimmy Stowe & The Stowaways.

Jeff Eats recently received the following e-mail…

Would really appreciate your thoughts if any on south Florida Beach Boys/Buffett/50s-60s party band. Jimmy Stowe & The Stowaways..
Thank you,

Jimmy Stowe & The Stowaways has been “playing” the south Florida scene for years.

All I can tell you is…a number of years ago Jeff Eats was at an outdoor Summer Party which Stowe was booked to play. About 1-hour into the party there was a flash-rain which had guests scurrying for cover. The band was protected by an over head canvas–and was under a solid cement gazebo (trust me, neither the band nor its equipment got wet). The rain let up within 15 minutes, but when the guests returned, the band had already packed up and left. Suffice it to say that the next 2 hours were music-less. I distinctively recall that many in the crowd were literally speechless- finding that the band was gone. I also recall that the event coordinator “couldn’t” believe that the band had packed up and left. Personally, in all my years “around” bands, I have never seen a band that actually disappeared during an event.

Based on that evening, there is absolutely no way that I could ever see anyone using Jimmy Stowe & The Stowaways.


Like I said a few seconds ago, that was a number of years ago..and things and players do change, but in my book–Jimmy Stowe & The Stowaways isn’t for me!

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  1. MJ1948 says...

    i was at that event and to this very day my husband and I discuss how Stowe just skipped out on the event. I also recall how shocked the 150 people who were there were when they found the band gone. The guests, the caterer, the waitstaff all survived but the band hightailed it out of there. Since then I have seen Stowe at a number of street fairs in Delray and the band is ok but they sure do use a ton of pre recorded tracks to make themselves sound good.

  2. KSR says...

    I was at that country club party and recall that the band literally disappeared. The rain hurt but having no band caused the night to be cut short.

  3. Scott says...

    I saw them a few months ago, at the seminole hard rock, and they only played one set. Also the lead singer, was texting, while he was singing. How professional was that. I went to go ask for a picture, and said no, and asked why are they only playing one set. They responded to be, by, that’s all they had time for. I like jimmy buffet, but the band gave him, a bad name

  4. Bat M says...

    The event probably contracted with Stowe to play at least 3. 50 minute sets. Even if it was pouring, the group should have been on premises for at least 3 hours. Leaving as you described sounds absurd.

  5. Lana R says...

    Have seen them several times. Mediocre at best.

  6. LEDO says...

    Your article is 100% correct as to how the band just left the party.
    A brief rain and when the guests came back out the band was GONE.
    The Social Director was in shock that they left.
    I must also tell you that the band that night was fair for the time that they did play. Nothing great.
    There are so many better Buffett/Beach Boys/Oldies in the area that iit amazes me that people would even book Stowe.

  7. Good lesson learned.
    Band doesn’t get final payment to gig is over.

  8. TURNER says...

    Interesting story.
    I find it beyond belief that a band would just pack up and leave.
    Since you were there I know we aren’t dealing with some hearsay story here.
    A year or so ago I saw this band playing at one of the fairs on Atlantic in Delray and they were just so so.
    I know that the band has been in the area for years but have never seen them other than that one time in Delray.
    Still shaking my head about how they just decided to leave without a green light from the people at the party.

  9. FAQ says...

    That’s some story.

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