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Posted on June 10th, 2014 · American Breakfast Desserts Fast Food


* MilkSplash.

Got something that I seriously doubt that most folks have heard about…MilkSplash.

In a nutshell, MilkSplash is a zero calorie milk flavoring marketed by S&D Beverage Innovations LLC, a division of Concord, North Carolina based- S&D Coffee, Inc. the nation’s largest custom coffee roaster and blender of iced tea for the food service industry. MilkSplash comes in 5 flavors, Cocoa-Strawberry-Banana-Orange Cream-Cookies ‘N Cream. The product is sold in plastic “themed” containers that contain 1.62 oz. The suggested retail price is $3.99 per container. Each container has 24 servings based on an 8oz glass of milk. The product, is currently -ONLY available in Target and Walmart stores nationwide. MilkSplash has been on the retail market since March, 2014.

Jeff Eats “tried” the Strawberry and Cocoa flavors and I gotta tell you, I’m really thinking of becoming a “steady” milk drinker again. Absolutely delicious.

Like I said a few seconds ago, I seriously doubt that too many folks have heard about MilkSplash. I’m thinking, that with Target and Walmart onboard, that real soon tons of moms, dads, grandparents, (“yous & mes”) are gonna know about this product.


If you want to read more about MilkSplash…

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  1. ken w says...

    They have the same concept for water also. In the Kool-Aid section at Publix you will see many that squirt into water bottles. I like it, but always wonder what I’m drinking.

    • Tommy Gunn says...

      Better not to know.

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