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***** Applebee’s, 15058 Jog Road, Delray Beach 33433, (561) 865-8757.

Got a good story for you guys…

Last night Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple ate at the Applebee’s located at 15058 Jog Road, Delray Beach. I’m assuming that you guys know what “an” Applebee’s is…if not, American Style -national chain with a full liquor bar/tvs, tons of reasonably priced appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wings, entrees, desserts.


Prior to last night, the last time Jeff Eats had eaten in an Applebee’s was September 8, 1998. The reason that I remember that date, I was in an Applebee’s (1720 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach) and watched Mark McGuire hit homerun #62 breaking Roger Maris’ record. We’ll leave McGuire’s steroid story for another day.

Now nothing for nothing, back in 1998 Jeff Eats didn’t exist-it wasn’t until 2006 that I “decided” that you guys needed to know -what, where and how I ate. So other than the-homerun I really don’t remember the “actual” 1998 meal. In addition, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why 1998 was the last time I ate at Applebee’s.

To make a long story short,

Very dear friends, Norman and Lynne swear by this chain. In addition to an apartment in North Miami they have a home in Belmont, North Carolina and an apartment in New Paltz, New York.–over the past 25 years -their numerous road trips have literally had them in Applebee’s all over the place.

Last night the four of us ate in Applebee’s and I gotta tell you- the food, service and reasonable prices blew me away. No fooling here-the house salads, bbq grilled wings, grilled chicken wontons/tacos, cheeseburger sliders, bbq ribs, grilled sirloin steak, french fries, onion rings, mashed potatoes, mozzarella sticks, white brownie/vanilla ice cream, pub pretzels with caramel sauce were all delicious.

Trust Jeff Eats on this one, no ifs ands or buts- last night’s “American Style” meal was one of the best I’ve had in years. To be perfectly honest with you, the food ran circles around most of the stuff served in South Florida’s sports bars–Not to start a pissing match or nothing, but chains like The Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Friday’s, J Alexander’s got nothing on Applebee’s.

On service-when we walked in, we were actually greeted by a pleasant- energetic hostess. Sammie our waitress knew the menu-cold making some great recommendations and made sure our glasses were never empty. One other thing, Jeff Eats notices things and I gotta tell you that George (GM) was all over the joint- visiting tables, chatting with customers, helping/bussing tables-doing what a GM is suppose to do, that being staying on top of his restaurant. Trust Jeff Eats on this, I’ve seen many a GM in action (or shall I say inaction!) and this guy was good-real good…The restaurant was real-busy, yet the service/food were all “handled” as they were suppose to be.

On the price front-real reasonable…check for menu/prices/locations.
I will tell you, that Applebee’s gives you a ton of food for the money. When you’re on Applebee’s website checkout its- 2 eat for $20 or $25 deals.

Like I said 37 seconds ago, Applebee’s is a national chain. This “story” is about the Delray Beach Jog Road restaurant-that said, there are plenty of Florida locations for you to eat at.

Applebee’s is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

In closing, Norman and Lynne you were so right…Jeff Eats should have gotten “back” sooner.

Applebee’s is dynamite!

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  1. DFA says...

    I had two kids at UCF.
    Based on the number of charges on my Visa Card I know they loved Applebee’s.

  2. Craig L. says...

    Their food is excellent.
    They have an appetizer platter with wings, moz sticks, cheeseburgers for 15 bucks which is sensational.
    Hope your readers try Applebee’s it really is good.

  3. Ed K says...

    Best food for he money.
    I’d match their cheddar cheese bacon cheeseburger up against the best around. Same goes for their french fries.

  4. Blue and White says...

    Did you get paid off for your review with some free gift cards? Did Norman and Lynne just get back from Colorado with a satchel full of weed and you smoked it before choosing a restaurant? Applebee’s sucks and the specific location you went to is completely dirty!

    • Gina Rizzo says...

      You must be the one smoking something
      The food is terrific and the restaurant as clean as a whistle.
      My husband and I were just there last Monday night.
      When were you there last.
      You must work for TGI Friday’s.

    • Jeff Eats says...

      Blue and White:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Jeff Eats just calls them as I eat them.

      Like I always say, this food reviewing business is a totally subjective thing.

      Thanks for reading…

    • Nightrider45 says...

      We ate there last night.
      Jeff, good call.
      My wife and I split the appetizer platter. Wings, chicken tacos, cheeseburger sliders.
      I had the 1/2 rack baby back ribs with smashed mashed potatoes.
      She had grilled chicken salad.
      For dessert we split the Blondie which is a vanilla brownie with vanilla ice cream.
      The food and service were terrific.

      I highly recommend that you folks try Applebee’s.

      • Blue and White says...

        Did the meal come with an angioplasty?

    • Sid L., Turner says...

      To your credit you publish crap like this.
      If this was my blog I would just delete this type of comment.

    • Vic D says...

      Blue and White,
      My wife and I eat in the Applebee’s that Jeff tried. We eat there on the average 2-3 times a month. If this restaurant was such a mess as you claim that it is how do you explain that it’s been there for 13 years and is always busy? You really don’t know what you are talking about. Please don’t give me the story that we are a bunch of old people who don’t know what we are talking about and can’t afford to eat at more expensive restaurants because you don’t even know us.

  5. PC says...

    I agree with blue and white. I thought this must have been a paid post. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s your blog and you need to make money somehow for the time you put in.

    However, I’ve never been a fan of Applebee’s. And no, I’m not a restaurant snob who thinks all chains are bad. There food is ok and serves its purpose eating at one off the highway on a road trip. It’s not a place I’d go out of my way to recommend.

    • ZED says...

      You obviously haven’t followed Jeff Eats too closely
      When Jeff attends an event comp or eats a meal comp he mentions that in the writeup.
      On Applebee’s, if Jeff says the food was good etc then that’s whatever he found.
      Just look at Jeff ‘s background.
      I’ll bet you he doesn’t need a free meal.
      Also if money was the game he would have ads posted all over his site which he doesn’t.

    • LODI says...

      I eat in Applebee’s.
      They give you a great bang for the buck.
      You are entitled to your opinion but they don’t have 100s of locations because nobody isn’t eating in them.

      • gary says...

        McDonalds has 35,000 locations
        and has the worst burgers

        Subway has the worst subs
        and has 40,000 locations

        Numerous locations does not mean that the food is good

        Can’t wait for a review of Red Lobster………

        BTW, Jeff a GM should NOT be bussing tables. He is paid as a manager and should be managing his staff to bus tables promptly.

        • TURNER says...

          We can always count on Gary to come up with dumb reasoning

          Subways subs aren’t the worst.
          McDonald’s burgers aren’t the worst.
          Gm’s help out when stores are busy and make sure that things run smoothly.

          • gary says...

            What’s the matter Jeff, upset that you can’t get your 2 for 1 burgers at Fork and Knife anymore….

          • gary says...

            Turner, being that Golden Corral is one of your favorite dining establishments, I’m not surprised that you are also a fan of Subway and McDonald’s as well.

          • HerbK says...

            Subway doesn’t even use real meat, it’s just bits and pieces molded together with water and carrageenan. Their veggies are sliced in factories and shipped out to the stores wrapped in plastic. Nothing in the store is real or fresh. If you intention was to make the worst subs you would do exactly what Subway does. Try asking them for the ingredients for what they call “chicken breasts” and see if you feel like eating that again.

        • Larryfine2 says...

          I like McDonald’s burgers and ff.
          I also like Subway’s subs.
          You sound like an old fool.

          • gary, on your fork & knife crack, it really is too bad that such a nice restaurant closed. the food was excellent. jeff correctly said that the location stunk. that’s basically what did this one in. you sound like someone who likes to hear about others failures. I guess it makes you better handle the flop that you must have been.

        • FgQ says...

          I am currently the CEO of a 34 unit restaurant chain. Started with the founders as a waiter over 27 years ago. Without even knowing anything about you, I am willing to bet that I have forgotten more about the BOH and FOH operations than your entire knowledge. I’ve washed dishes and mopped floors and as a GM I bussed tables when needed. Some of your comments written under an internet handle border on utter stupidity. Because you think that a burger or sub is the worse doesn’t make it so. Just like my calling you a jackass doesn’t make it so, although it’s the truth.
          Time for you to stop being a know it all, because you don’t know sheet!

        • Neddy Robinson says...

          you sound like an old bitter man.
          you must have been in the restaurant business a 1,000 years ago.
          some of your statements are borderline idiotic.
          if a restaurant is jammed with people, it’s incumbent on the management staff to help serve and keep things moving smoothly.
          ifor sure it’s not an every day function but every now and then a GM or other manger gets their hands dirty helping out.
          you probably owned restaurants that were so slow that bussers and others had plenty of time to get things done.

        • DeliCompany says...

          I own a deli right here in s. Florida.
          Last week we were so slammed with business that I had to help get the food out to the tables. I know I have waiters and waitresses for that but every so often I have to pitch in on the floor.
          You really don’t know what you are talking about when you say a GM shouldn’t be busing tables. A GM should be doing whatever he or she has to do to make sure everything is AOK.

  6. Skip Mahoney says...

    Some of your readers really crack me up.
    Because they disagree with you, right away you got to be on the take or up to some nefarious game.
    Applebee’s has been around for years. It has both company owned stores and franchised stores.
    The restaurant that you ate in is owned by a franchise company named Doherty inc. it currently owns a ton of Applebee’s in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.
    Doherty acquired the restaurant that Jeff Eats ate in and a number of others in the Area about 18 months ago.
    I’m in the franchising business and know this company and they are top rate operators.
    If your readers check, Doherty is one of a very few companies that provides health care coverage to its workers and didn’t cut workers’ hours to beat Obama Care mandates.
    I also know that Doherty buys top shelf products and has a district manager system that really keeps a close eye on every one of its stores.

    To those who think that the Applebee’s that Jeff ate in isn’t serving delicious food, they are dead wrong.

    For example, the chopped meat used in the burgers is delivered FRESH every day and is never frozen. The burgers are flat top grilled and a 7oz cheeseburger with ff runs $8.99.

    The readers who bashed Applebee’s probably haven’t been to one in years.

    Jeff knows what he is talking about. The food is excellent.

  7. Blue and White says...

    Skip, you are another know nothing that can post anything without stating real facts on the net and thus expect people to believe your BS. FACT: Doherty, has a long history of being sued for sexual harassment, gratuity issues hurting clients and a whole host of food related issues; including dirty restaurants. FACT: DineEquity bought Applebee’s in November 2007 and has a Fitch deep junk bond rating of B for their default rating and junk rating B+ for their long term debt. FACT: according to Bloomberg (no your BS) Applebee’s sales have declined the last 3 quarter in their restaurants that have been open at least 18 months. Review your facts and decide that you are going to be truthful not some BS you made up to serve your desires…

    • Skip Mahoney says...

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • LOLAT says...

      Doherty is a great operator.
      How do I know, I’m a waitress in one of the stores that it recently acquired.
      The team bent over backwards to make sure that I had the right hours so I could be home certain evening to take care of my two kids.
      On the food, its excellent.
      Try it and you’ll see.
      Don’t go by what some Bloomber website says.
      Great place to work.
      Great place to eat.

      • Blue and White says...

        “Bent over backwards” sounds like you may have another sexual harassment claim against Doherty to go with the other ones they have fought…

  8. Dr. Klein says...

    I guess the only way to know what’s what is for us to try Applebee’s out.
    I think that if Jeff says it was good, it was probably good.
    Always a straight shooter.

  9. Janey T says...

    I live 10 minutes outside of Reno. I also am in Margate several months a year.
    I eat in Applebee’s in Nevada and Florida all the time and I love the food. They make a Blondie dessert that is incredible.
    Some of you folks ought to try Applebee’s before you start dissing it.

  10. Anthony Franza says...

    Before today, I can’t recall the last time I ate in an Applebee’s.
    A buddy of mine and I ate lunch at Applebee’s in Sunrise and my bacon cheeseburger with onion straws and French fries was as good as 5 Guys, Shake Shack and Burger Fi. My friend had a grilled chicken Caesar salad and really enjoyed it.
    My suggestion to some of those that were negative on the chain is that they go and try it. I think that they will be surprised at how good Applebee’s is.

  11. Lee G. says...

    May sound crazy but I gave up on chains a long time ago.
    Your Applebee’s story got me thinking again about them.
    Going to give Applebee’s a try and see what’s now all about.

  12. Mrs. Kramer says...

    Like others here I haven’t been To chains like Applebee’s in years.
    Based on your review I’m going to give it a try.
    Let you know how it goes.

    • Mrs. Kramer says...

      Last night my husband and I ate at the same Applebee’s that Jeff did and he isn’t too far off the mark.
      We started off with an appetizer combo dish. We picked grilled chicken wonton/ tacos, bbq wings and cheeseburger sliders. The were all terrific.
      I next had a 9oz steak with spinach and mashed potatoes. I loved the sides but found the marinade on the steak a drop to salty for my taste.
      My husband had the bbq ribs with french fries. He really enjoyed them.
      For dessert we split chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sundae syrup. Delicious.
      For drinks I had a Diet Pepsi and he had a terrific lemonade with fresh strawberries in it.
      For those of you making jokes about the food etc. I would suggest that you try Applebee’s and just maybe You’ll see that it really is as good as Jeff found.
      I must mention that the decor is a bit dated.
      On service it was quick and friendly.
      On prices You can easily walk out with tip and tax for around $30-35 for two people and you will be filled.

  13. Marti G. says...

    Our family recently ate in the Vineland Road loc in Orlando. The Applebee’s was right next door to the hotel we stayed in which was the Holiday Inn. There are 4 of us. Two adults and 2 preteen kids. I have to agree with jeff in that the food was fresh, tasty, extremely well priced and the service as pleasant as could be. We live full time in Plantation and have eaten a number of times at the Applebee’s on University Drive. We also enjoy that loc.
    The readers here who have negative things to say are entitled to their opinions. Afterall it’s a free country. All I can tell you is that Apllebee’s is a terrific restaurant for you young families.

  14. JupiterLady says...

    A reader from Jupiter has to tell you that the W. Indiantown Rd. restaurant is excellent. My husband and I are on a fixed budget and Applebee’s makes it possible for us to eat out pretty regularly. The food is good as is the service and the prices are as reasonable as can be. I also like the fact that Applebee’s has Weight Watcher lineup so it helps both of us pick the right things to eat.

  15. SELTZER says...

    Havent eaten in an Applebee’s in 10 years. Your comments got me thinking that I should give it a try.

  16. Sully5674 says...

    I ate in Applebee’s the other day.
    Ok but nothing to write home about.

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