The Doo Wop Mob (Kings Point-Delray Beach)

Posted on June 5th, 2014 · Deals Delray Beach Music/Events/Other


* The Doo Wop Mob.

Kings Point in Delray Beach is one of but a handful of South Florida residential communities that allow non-residents to purchase tickets for its theater-shows. With that in mind, The Doo Wop Mob one of South Florida’s best 50s-60s tribute acts is set for a Friday-Night, August 8th.-2014 appearance- residents pay 12 bucks-non residents $15.

Trust old Jeff Eats on this one, this 8 piece band will kill-it at Kings Point. I’ve seen the band twice and both times they put on a real- entertaining show. I’ll let you do the “research” but 2-of The Mob’s frontmen had 60s hit records-and have appeared on PBS’ “oldies shows” produced by TJ Lubinsky.

If this doo wop/oldies “stuff” is your bag…you can catch tickets online at

For information, the box office # (561) 499-3335 ext. 200.

2 Comments to “The Doo Wop Mob (Kings Point-Delray Beach)”

  1. TURNER says...

    Saw them awhile back at the Seminole Casino and they are very good.
    Should be a fun night.

  2. WA says...

    I saw them last night at Kings Point. I thought that they were just fair. Maybe when they were younger but these are old guys with pretty worn voices.

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