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* Neighbors.

Not trying to be Rex Reed or nothing, but last night Jeff Eats saw the new film -Neighbors-and I gotta tell you-that it was one of the funniest pictures that I’ve seen in years.

The best way to describe -Neighbors…the 1978 classic Animal House- updated to 2014.

If you have a decent sense of humor, I dare you to tell Jeff Eats that you didn’t laugh your-ass off watching this film.

Since Jeff Eats is after-all a food blog at heart–the large popcorn and box of Milk Duds I had were delicious-and the counter folks were as pleasant as could me. Price wise-captive audience prices.

Go see Neighbors!

2 Comments to “Neighbors”

  1. Jeff,
    My husband and I are both 66.
    We say this movie.
    It is hilarious.
    You are right in describing it as Animal House 2014.
    Neighbors is very raunchy but is done very well.
    We highly recommend that people see it. It is a really funny picture.

  2. Linda G. says...

    Saw the movie.
    Absolutely hilarious.

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