Dick’s Last Resort (Orlando, Panama City)

Posted on June 3rd, 2014 · American Orlando


***** Dick’s Last Resort, 8201 Vineland Avenue (Orlando Premium Outlets), Orlando, Florida 32821, (321) 329-3002.

Dick’s Last Resort is a “small” sports bar chain…it currently has 17 US- locations with 2 Florida joints, namely Orlando and Panama City.

The other day, Jeff Eats and family ate in Dick’s Orlando restaurant.

Amazingly, even Jeff Eats a “wizard with the spoken word” has a hard time describing Dick’s Last Resort.

Full bar, loads of tvs, just passable sports bar food—and waiters/waitresses that- scream at, insult, joke with, harass and annoy customers…

When you check you’ll find menu/prices/locations/other info on interactive-entertainment.

The best way to wrap this, some folks are gonna love Dick’s and some folks are gonna hate Dick’s. You either go- for sophomoric humor or you don’t.

Personally, Jeff enjoyed the “entertainment” to a point–but the mediocre-cheeseburger/French fries/chicken wings/salads/pulled pork sandwich wouldn’t get me back for a return visit.

The suggestion here-despite my misgivings, give Dick’s Last Resort a shot—the way I see it-a chain with 17 locations just may be doing something right–and just maybe, Jeff Eats isn’t seeing this one “correctly.”–Don’t think so, but just maybe!

4 Comments to “Dick’s Last Resort (Orlando, Panama City)”

  1. Sam M. says...

    Ive been to the one in San Fran.
    You are right the food is just ok.
    On the show aspects, I and my wife thought it was silly but our two college kids loved it.

  2. AFRE says...

    Went to Dick’s in Las Vegas.
    The food is typical bar food. Nothing special.
    I think that if you are aged 10-25 you’ll enjoy the waiter’s antics. Sort of like EDM. Anyone older is going to find it annoying after awhile.
    This joint works in tourist areas. But as an every day sports bar to relax and enjoy yourself no way.

  3. Jeff,
    My family and I ate in the Dick’s in Orlando a few months ago. We found it as we were shopping in the outlet mall. The food is fair and a bit overpriced. The staff carrying on is cute for awhile but eventually became quite annoying. Won’t be going back.

  4. Linda G. says...

    Strictly for the tourist crowd.

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