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Posted on June 2nd, 2014 · American Boca Raton Music/Events/Other


* Jazziz, 201 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 300-0730.

Jazziz in Boca Raton…upscale restaurant-music venue.

Just so you know, Jeff Eats has yet to eat “there” -but has seen a number of terrific local/national bands and music artists on its stage.

A quick heads up, sometimes there are ticketed events/cover charges and other times complimentary music…so be sure to check the joint’s website to see what’s doing on any particular day. I’ll give you Jazziz website at the bottom of this story.

I got upcoming plans to try the-food…

Just a quick observation, as far as Jeff Eats is concerned–the name Jazziz is a bit misleading (maybe “confusing” is a better term). When I hear the name Jazziz, I think JAZZ, like -all the music played there is jazz. But au contraire–Jazziz- entertainment scheduled is as eclectic as it gets. To the point, I seriously doubt that anyone would consider the Jefferson Starship or Sandra Bernhard to be jazz-performers. Same goes for-recent appearances by Grammy winner Christopher Cross or local rockers- Solid Brass with its Chicago like-horn section! Like I said 3 seconds ago, haven’t-yet eaten at Jazziz, but I gotta tell you, this joint is great looking and has a sound/stage setup that makes for some real-nice partying.

In reviewing Jeff Eats’ PR mail, I spotted two really cool acts that are booked at Jazziz…Jefferson Starship (July 28-July 29 2014) and Sandra Bernhard (8/12-8/13 2014) and trust me, you definitely want to see both acts. For what it’s worth, Jeff Eats has seen the latest Starship lineup-and it puts on a dynamite show…I’ve also seen Bernhard’s show and the lady is an absolute trip.

You can check for restaurant-menu/entertainment-schedule-tickets.

There is an old Taiwanese saying that “The Early Bird Catches The First Worm”– with that in mind, if you want to see this show(s)- you can catch tickets before most people even know that Bernhard and Airplane (oops-I meant Starship) are coming.

As we get closer to these shows, Jeff Eats will have more to say about Jazziz- lineup.

11 Comments to “Jazziz (Boca Raton)”

  1. TOM JACKSON says...

    You know this music stuff cold.
    Are they as good as when Grace was with them?

    • JeffEats says...

      Tom Jackson:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Grace was one of the greatest Rock singers of all time.

      Keep in mind that she was with Airplane and only with Starship part of time.

      Starship had a load of hits without Grace on lead.

      Now you and I know that other than wine, most things don’t get better with age.

      The current lineup definitely gets the job done.

      That said, nobody and I mean nobody can sing those-songs like Grace Slick.

      Thanks for reading…

  2. ZED says...

    What do you figure the Starship gets paid for 2 shows?
    Just curious.

    • LODI says...

      I’ll guess $13,000 for the two nights.

  3. Danny R says...

    Just checked and the tkts are ridiculously high priced.

  4. ZEK says...

    I have owned restaurants and clubs for over 40 years.
    Here’s a bet for you.
    Jazziz will bust out.
    It is a great looking restaurant that is totally mismanaged.
    Its food is fair.
    Its prices are high.
    Its service is fair.
    It charges way too much for national acts’ tickets.
    It’s too much of a mish mosh going on there.
    Not sure but the rent must be a killer.
    Just watch, it won’t be around for too much longer unless it gets a real pro in there to get things straightened out.

  5. Neddy G. says...

    Going to see the Jefferson Starship with its current lineup is foolish. Paul Kanter is the only original left. The band is no better than being a tribute band at this stage of its career.
    The prices for tickets are ABSURD.
    This event will be a loser because no one with any smarts will pay high prices to see this band.

  6. Carson says...

    They are selling 60 dollar tickets for 37 dollars right now. Obviously no one gives a rat’s ass about a Starship!

  7. Dee D says...

    Saw Starship tonight. Jeff you were right they put on a good show. Lead female is no Grace Slick but who is?

    Place was 1/2 empty.

    I paid 37 for a 60 tkt on line.

    Bet here is that Jazziz will soon be history.

    Original tkt pricing was asinine high.

    Very confusing seating setup.

  8. Winick says...

    The layout stinks.
    The tkt prices are ridiculously high.
    The food is mediocre.
    The service is mediocre.

    Jazziz won’t be around too much longer.

  9. LAQ9 says...

    I enjoy Jazziz.
    Food and service are good.
    Can’t beat its entertainment.

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