Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom (Orlando)

Posted on May 31st, 2014 · Music/Events/Other Orlando


***** Walt DisneyWorld-Magic Kingdom.

Spent the day-at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Jeff Eats’ first visit was in February 1974. Until today, the last was in 1998.

Give or take a tweak here and there-same rides and shows as it had back in 1974. Jeff Eats is still scared crap-less of that Space Mountain ride.

Financially, Magic Kingdom is killing it!

No question that Walt Disney World “hits” visitors real hard with admission charges.

Just wanted to tell you guys, that I absolutely loved today’s visit. The reason, literally no one- was using a cellphone, iPad, iPhone, computer…people were actually talking to one another… Just like it use to be- before all of this cell phone/internet “business” got- people texting-emailing instead of TALKING.

Jeff Eats loved the rides and shows. Other than a “here and there” no interactivity required to watch or ride. All you had to do was show up. Moms and dads- grandparents- friends all having a great time being with each other. What I saw today, is what I think Walt Disney envisioned years ago- that being, people enjoying people.

One other shout -out to the Disney folks…

Like I said before, you caught “them” but- good coming in, but your food prices were very reasonable once inside- and I will tell you that your burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets, soft serve ice cream, roasted candy nuts, turkey legs were all delicious.

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  1. FELICIANO says...

    Jeff you hit the nail on the head. Great place families if you can handle the UPFRONT COST. Just think for Fl resident adult basically $100 a person to get in. Think of a family of 4 and they are killing you.

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