Mysteryland USA Makes Music History!

Posted on May 23rd, 2014 · Music/Events/Other


* Mysteryland USA Makes Music History!

Today is a very historic date…

May 23, 2014–May 26, 2014 marks the first time that a concert will be held on the exact site where the Woodstock Music And Arts Fair was held on August 15-17 1969.

For sure, the music will be a whole lot different, but I suspect that the karma is gonna be the same. Trust Jeff Eats, whether it’s Richie Havens, Jimi Hendrix, Country Joe & The Fish or Steve Asoka, Moby, Nicky Romero- it’s all good! Remember when many thought that Elvis and The Beatles were “radical.”

The “craziest” thing about the event- is that many in attendance are the children, grandchildren and in some cases great grandchildren of the original Woodstock attendees.

Time sure went- by real fast! It seems like just yesterday, that Jimi was playing The Star Spangle Banner!

Eerily the weatherman is predicting rain.

You can check Mysteryland USA out at

image Ticket-holders waiting to enter festival grounds.

3 Comments to “Mysteryland USA Makes Music History!”

  1. Neil A says...

    I got 2 kids up there. One is 24 the other is 26. They love this EDM and go to all kinds of shows.

  2. LsA says...

    I live in Manhattan.
    My parents live in Delray.
    I and 5 others went to Mysteryland.
    By the way we are all 24 years old.
    We have all been to other EDM events and Mysteryland put all of them to shame.
    This was a major event. Good music, great crowd, terrific food and a great theme.
    For sure not all were huge djs but the Woodstock setting and community spirit were perfect.
    Can’t wait to see this one next year.

  3. Lenny g. says...

    Friends’ kids went. Said it was terrific. A drop wet but great time.

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