Win 2 Tickets To See Nick DiPaolo At -Fort Lauderdale Improv

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* Win 2 Tickets To See Nick DiPaolo At-Fort Lauderdale Improv.

Way back on May 16, 2014 Jeff Eats told you guys about comedian Nick DiPaolo’s upcoming appearances at the Fort Lauderdale Improv.

This morning, Nick’s representatives contacted Jeff Eats and as a result, WE GOT OURSELVES A CONTEST.

Printed below is the email from Nick’s people and the original Jeff Eats’ writeup. ***PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE TERMS OF THE CONTEST CONTAINED IN THE EMAIL!

All you gotta do to enter -is go to “CONTACT” on the Jeff Eats’ site- fill in the required info/Subject-Nick’s Tickets…indicate the date and time of show you’d like to see…and provide a contact phone number.

The 14th email that Jeff Eats receives is the WINNER! Just that simple.

Just so you know, to make it “more” fun–you can enter up to 3 times–Just remember the 14th email wins!
Hi Jeff-
If you would like to do a contest for a pair of tickets, that will be fine.
Please offer the winner their choice of any of the following shows:
FRI, 6/13: 8:00pm or 10:30pm, SAT, 6/14- 7:00pm; or SUN, 6/15- at 7:00pm
Once complete, please email me the name of the winner, and showtime that they choose, and I will enter them into our system.
They will just need to show up on the night of the show, at the box office window, with photo ID.
Please remind them that there is a 2 drink minimum purchase in the showroom (doesn’t need to be alcoholic beverage)
Please let me know if any questions…
Thanks! Cheryl
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OtherNick DiPaolo (Fort Lauderdale Improv-Hollywood)
Posted on May 16th, 2014 · Hollywood Other ·

* Nick DiPaolo (Fort Lauderdale Improv-Hollywood).

You know and Jeff Eats knows that stand-up comedy is purely a subjective thing. What I might find to be “berry” funny–you might not and vice versa.

With that in mind…

On Friday, June 13th (8pm & 10:30pm)–Saturday, June 14th (7pm & 9:45pm)–Sunday, June 15th (7pm)- Nick DiPaolo one of America’s funniest “LIGHT BLUE” comics is scheduled to appear at the Fort Lauderdale Improv, 5700 Seminole Way. Hollywood, Florida 33314, (954) 981-5653.

Jeff Eats has seen DiPaolo and he is REAL GOOD–if this guy doesn’t have you cracking up-subjective or no subjective…you got not sense of humor!

Trust me on this, the odds are slight to none that your HOA, Condo, Country Club is gonna book this guy…he’s just a drop too controversial-and will scare the pants off “your” Social Director–so don’t plan on later this Summer -thumbing through your 2014-2015 “Entertainment Schedule” and finding DiPaolo’s name there-because it won’t be.

Just so you know, tickets are 20 bucks and there is a 2-drink minimum. Friday-Saturday it’s 21+, Sunday it’s 18+.

You can check DiPaola out at

You can order tickets online at

Finally, on this “subjective” thing…Jeff Eats has his own comic rating system…Clean, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue. Personally, I rate DiPaolo’s act “LIGHT BLUE”-then again, you might rate it “BLUE” or for that matter “DARK BLUE”–hope you appreciate how silly rating systems are!

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