Then Why Do People Take Them?

Posted on May 15th, 2014 · American Music/Events/Other


* Then Why Do People Take Them?

Jeff Eats just finished reading “16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day” on NaturalOn ( and I got a question for you guys:

Why do folks (and you guys know who you are) steal (cop, filch) ok-take those packets of artificial sweeteners that some South Florida restaurants still leave on their tables- when Artificial Sweeteners are #12 on its list?

Looking forward to your answers.

By the way Jeff Eats and a ton of readers are in some serious trouble here as…stuff like Microwave Popcorn (#1), Processed Meats (#4), Potato Chips (#6), Soda Pop (#8), Refined Sugar (#11) are also on Naturalon’s list.

7 Comments to “Then Why Do People Take Them?”

  1. LODI says...

    We are up the creek without a paddle. Imagine no soda, popcorn or potato chips.
    Personally I eat whatever I please. I’ll take my chances.

  2. Seth M. says...

    We take them because they are there. Just that simple.

  3. FurmanGene says...

    My mother is 91 years old. She has lived in Miami Beach since 1976. She has a 2 bedroom condo. Her kitchen is a 2×4 nothing and is loaded with packets of sugar and sugar substitutes packets. She has been taking this packets forever. For some reason she thinks that one day there will be a run on them and she wants to be prepared. the crazy part of her story is that she takes sugar in her coffee.

  4. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    A friend was shopping in the supermarket with his mother – In the coffee aisle they walked past a Sweet N Low display for sale in boxes – His mother says to him ‘I didn’t know they sell them”

  5. Herb Tanner says...

    I got a better one for you.
    My father and mother who live in Margate always ask for more bread just before they finish eating in a restaurant. They them pack the bread up to take home.

  6. Frumpkin57 says...

    We take them because we don’t need them.

  7. Mister Waiter says...

    I am a waiter in a very upscale hotel restaurant in Boca Raton.
    You would be absolutely amazed at how people take things. More than once I have seen people empty the entire sugar/sweet & low holder into their pocketbooks the moment they sit down.

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