VIVA (Delray Marketplace Amphitheater: May 15, 2014–Delray Beach)

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* VIVA (Delray Marketplace Amphitheater: May 15, 2014–Delray Beach).

Way back on September 28, 2009–I told you guys about VIVA–one of South Florida’s premier 1950s-1980’s cover/tribute bands. That “original” story is reprinted below.

Since that story appeared, Jeff Eats has seen VIVA something like 10 times and I gotta tell you, this quartet is about as good as it gets…every cover the group performs– is right on the money-when compared to the original hit recording.

An interesting story (Well jeff Eats thinks it is!)…two years ago I matched VIVA up with Ron Dante ( who was the lead singer of The Archies -who had the mega hit “Sugar Sugar”–Ron Dante also produced Cher, Pat Benetar, Barry Manilow and the Broadway shows…”Ain’t Misbehavin'” and “Children of a Lesser God”–suffice it to say, Dante knows the music “business.” Anyway, VIVA was to back Dante who they had never met-for a 1 hour show in Boca Raton…Dante (who lives in Beverly Hills) and VIVA some weeks before the show agreed (via phone) to a playlist/keys etc. and scheduled a run-through 1 1/2 hours before showtime…Dante met VIVA and rehearsed for about 30 minutes…when Dante came off the stage, he said to me, “Jeff, I could take these guys on the road right now, they are absolutely dead on.”

The point of all of these VIVA accolades…

VIVA is going to perform a FREE SHOW at the Delray Marketplace Amphitheater on May 15th from 5pm-7pm. The Amphitheater is located at the Delray Marketplace at the intersection of Lyons Road and West Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. There is some chair seating…but you may want to bring a beach chair-just in case a lot of people read Jeff Eats!

If you like 50’s-80’s Rock N Roll…you’ll want to catch VIVA ( in action.

***** VIVA *****

Last Saturday night (9/26/09) I attended a private “Woodstock” party at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, something like 280 people were there. The dance music was provided by VIVA a Miami based quartet that covers the hits from the 1950′s-today. Good, would be an understatement. In my day, I have seen a number of legend-tribute-cover rock bands…these guys are right up there with the best. I am telling you, that when they did Joe Cocker, if you closed your eyes, you’d swear that old Joe himself was there. Absolutely amazing Beatles-Rascals-Dion & The Belmonts-Jefferson Airplane-Four Seasons covers. These guys can play anything and play it well.

If this type of music is your bag, I would suggest that you check Viva’s website (for gig-schedule) as they play numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, resorts in South Florida

4 Comments to “VIVA (Delray Marketplace Amphitheater: May 15, 2014–Delray Beach)”

  1. KSR says...

    I’ve seen Viva at least a 1/2 dozen times and they are top notch.
    I saw them with Ron Dante and you would have sworn that they had been playing together for years that’s how tight they were.
    Viva plays all over Florida.

  2. Lodi says...

    They play at Magic and Mardis Gras casinos quite a bit.
    They are exceptionally good.

  3. The night before Ron Dante performed with Viva he performed with a band called Shakedown. He did 2 songs with them. His hits Tracy and Sugar Sugar and he nailed both of them. Dante’s 1 hour with Viva was terrific with covers of The Monkees, The Beatles and other great 60s artists.

  4. Rona W says...

    They got rained out on the 15th.

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