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Anna Maria Donuts (Anna Maria Island)

Posted on May 12th, 2014 · American Breakfast Desserts Fast Food


***** Anna Maria Donuts, 210 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria Island, Florida 34216, (941) 896-3172.

Very-very simple concept…

1. Retail donut store makes fresh vanilla cake donuts.
2. Customer fills out an “order sheet” and selects from 7-icings/coatings and 12-toppings to be “applied” to the donut.
3. Customer “if” he or she wants-watches customization of the donut(s).

Like I said, very-very simple concept.

You know what a variation on a theme is? This is “that”- that being, top your own “whatever it is.” You’ve seen it with subs, you’ve seen it with yogurt, you’ve seen it with ice cream, you’ve seen it with burgers.

Anna Maria Donuts gets $1.25 for a donut, $6.75 for a 1/2 dozen, $12 for a dozen. By the way, you can have as many icings/coatings/toppings as you like all for 1-price. Anna Maria has outdoor seating. Anna Maria also has fresh brewed coffee.

Now, for starters- this Anna Maria Donuts joint is assuming that you like cake donuts–if you don’t, you can stop reading right about now. In Jeff Eats case, I never met a donut that I didn’t like–of course I liked some better than others.


Until yesterday, Jeff Eats had never heard of Anna Maria Island no-less Anna Maria Donuts. The way I “heard”- is that friends of Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats came to visit us–and these Bradenton, Florida folks brought us 2- dozen Anna Maria Donuts…apparently Bradenton is near/close to Anna Maria Island. For crying out loud, it’s Jeff Eats the food blogger not Jeff Eats the geographer!


When “we” got the donuts, they were not hot/warm…but they were fresh- having been made something like 5 hours earlier. The Bradenton folks “designed” 24 different donuts for us…included in the box were combos such as- chocolate/bacon, chocolate/peanuts/crushed graham crackers, maple/bacon/peanuts, glazed/coconut, caramel/crushed oreo cookies…and I gotta tell you, all of the donuts were delicious. Like I said, the donuts weren’t right off the conveyor belt–and the guess here, that a hot/warm donut would have taken the donuts from-the delicious status to the amazing delicious status. For sure, some of the combinations were better than others…but, keep in mind these are customer “creations” so GOD only knows what these things- could end up tasting like.

At this stage of the game you can check for menu/prices/other stuff.

One final note, I understand that Anna Maria Island is a very touristy-area. No real reason to comment on the “business” aspect side of this enterprise–other than to say, that Jeff Eats can definitely see “something” like this working where there is a strong tourist-crowd.

Anna Maria Donuts is open Tuesday-Sunday 7am-1pm, closed on Monday.

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