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Jersey Mike’s Subs

Posted on May 10th, 2014 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other


* Jersey Mike’s Subs.

This is not a story about national-franchised sub chain- Jersey Mike’s Subs.

The other day, Jeff Eats “saw” the guy pictured above–and I gotta tell you, this BODY SUIT (or whatever it is) type of advertisement is absolutely brilliant.

We’ve all seen corner sign spinners and cars wrapped in advertisements…but this body-suit thing was a new one for me.

Just so you know, based on that- guy, next week-Jeff Eats -is going to “do” lunch at Jersey Mike’s Subs. Forgetting the Jeff Eats’ part of the equation- isn’t my eating there exactly what Jersey Mike’s was hoping I’d do? Throw in the fact that I’m also talking about the “guy” and Jersey Mike’s Subs-and I’d say that this particular form of advertisement worked.

Absolutely loved this funky-cool way of spreading the word.

2 Comments to “Jersey Mike’s Subs”

  1. HerbK says...

    The reason why I never eat at any of the sub chains is that under the tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, peppers, and onions, is never real meat. Instead they use processed bits and pieces, full of preservatives and chemical flavorings, held together with carrageenan. If you were blindfolded and were given a taste of their “meat”, without all the toppings and dressing, you couldn’t tell what was in your mouth.

    The guys that own Subway stores have to pay over 12% of their sales for franchise fees and local and national advertising. What do you think has to be done for them to serve a sub for $5 or $6 and make a profit?

    The dumpsters behind poultry and pork processing plants are never too full

    • Lodi says...

      What in the world are you talking about?

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