Balloon Masterz Entertainment (Boynton Beach)

Posted on May 9th, 2014 · Boynton Beach Music/Events/Other


* Balloon Masterz Entertainment, 10332 Willow Oaks Trail, Boynton Beach, Florida 33473, (954) 296-2624.

For something like 20 years, Jeff Eats has been hearing about- Bobby The Balloon Guy…last night, I finally I got to meet and watch the “MAN”- considered by many to be the best “balloon twister” in America.

Nothing for nothing, Jeff Eats is far from being an expert on the “balloon twisting” industry… What I do know, is that every time I’ve been to a restaurant, festival, party- when there is a “balloon twister”- kids and adults lineup to get one made…

Now trust me on this, there are balloon twisters and then there are BALLOON TWISTERS. The stuff that Bobby was cranking out last night was incredible–I’m talking intricate-detailed sculptures. Just so you know, this guy doesn’t make those lame- Black Magic Marker Dotted Eyed Dogs that you see all over…so if Black Magic Marker Dotted Eyed Dogs that you see all over– are what you are looking for, forget Bobby The Balloon Man he’s not for you!

In talking with Bobby The Balloon Man-I learned that he started Balloon Masterz in 1992 and has been working South Florida ever since. In addition to balloons, Balloon Masterz also provides all types of novelty services such as photo booths/magicians/face painting.

You can check Bobby The Balloon Guy out at

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  1. Gene D. says...

    The other night he was working at the a Meatball Room in Boca Ration. His creations are amazing. Kids and adults were getting them made.

  2. Robert Diamond says...

    I just happen to be researching the and SEO and my Google standings when I happen to come across Jeff eats food blog site.

    I would like to thank both Gene and Jeff Eats for the kind words and endorsement of my 31 years of performance.

    It is very humbling to find people are appreciative of my talent enough to write about them.

    Thank you so much.

    Bob Diamond
    AKA Bobby the Balloon Guy
    creative genius, balloon twisting savant, and Philly cheesesteak eating connoisseur.

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