Greek Islands Taverna (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on May 6th, 2014 · Fort Lauderdale Mediterranean/Greek


***** Greek Islands Taverna, 3300 North Ocean Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308. (561) 565-5505.

Not exactly sure as to exactly how long Greek Islands Taverna has been around, but Jeff Eats first ate there…some 22 years ago. By the way, back then I wasn’t -Jeff Eats (Mister, does this make sense?- courtesy Jackie Mason 1985). If I recall correctly, I thought that the food was just-ok but definitely nothing special going on at the joint.

In the ensuing 22 years, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this Greek joint.

Nothing for nothing, until last night–that first dinner was the only meal that Jeff Eats had done at Greek Islands Taverna.


Last Sunday night I bumped into an old friend Steve S.–who raved and raved and raved- about Greek Islands Taverna. It was Steve’s raving-that got Jeff Eats to Greek Islands Taverna last night for dinner #2.

Décor-wise…think- a large Brooklyn Greek Diner and you’ll be good.

You can check for menu/prices.

Now- for the “second dinner”…

Greek salad, char-broiled lamb chops, gyros, moussaka- now-nothing for nothing Jeff Eats just doesn’t get it–that’s the rave reviews. The Greek salad/gyros/moussaka were good, but nothing that I can’t get elsewhere–as for the lamb chops, they were so lemony, I had to send them back to the kitchen and get an order sans the lemon.

The call here…Greek Islands Taverna was ok-but for people to be “carrying-on” about how great it is…NO WAY JOSE!- or should I say -NO WAY NICKALAUS!

Greek Islands Taverna is open Monday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm, Sunday noon-10pm.

10 Comments to “Greek Islands Taverna (Fort Lauderdale)”

  1. jeff eats,
    this restaurant has been around forever.
    the food is good but you are right there are better in the area.
    the crowd is on the older side and likes what it likes.
    good call here.

    bvp (sunrise, florida)

  2. Dan N says...

    Love the food.

  3. KSR says...

    They make delicious lamb chops.

  4. Judy G says...

    Two couples last night for first time. Food was fair. Portions skimpy. Prices high. Won’t be back.

  5. Jkl241 says...

    I love their food.
    Best Greek joint in Florida.

    • Stu W says...

      Have to agree, haven’t found one better.

  6. Seth Kaufman says...

    You’re wrong.
    Food is great.

  7. Lo Lo says...

    The food is really good and the joint is always jammed.

  8. Tony Gentile says...

    Food is good.
    Food at Chris’s Taverna in lake Worth is better and priced better.

  9. Ralph Bloom says...

    Have to disagree with you. I think that its food is delicious. I’ve been eating there for years.

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