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Recently received this email from SDA…


In 2015 my husband and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary. Both of us are 64

We are planning a party in Miami for close to 250.

We were wondering if you could recommend a party band that would blow the crowd away?

We are very familiar with a number of wedding/party bands in the Miami area and are tired of the same old same old.

On the price front, we know that good bands can command $15000+.

Your suggestions will be appreciated.


Keeping in mind, that I don’t know you or your husband- it’s kind of difficult to recommend bands.

That said, if Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were throwing a 40th Anniversary Party we would use Yacht Club Revue out of the Atlanta area. Check the band out at

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  1. TURNER says...

    Just watched some of their videos. Amazing!!!!

  2. Heath says...

    Hi guys, I book the Yacht Rock Revue and would be happy to discuss the possibility. You can reach me directly at: 615 346 5770 or email me details at

    Thanks for connecting the dots!


  3. jenner james says...

    went to their site.
    this is one incredible band.
    if you close your eyes you’d swear that you are listening to the originals.
    they look great on the stage.
    i’ll also watched them do the beatles. terrific.
    great find.

  4. GHS says...

    I am the Chairman of our country club’s Entertainment Committee. The CC is located in NY.
    I live in LI and have an apt in Miami.
    I just watched Yacht on YouTube and they are excellent.
    I am recommending in an email to our social director that our club look into bringing this group in sometime in 2015.

  5. Rossman says...

    Saw the band at Revolution in Ft Laud last night and they were great.

    The Sun Sentinel’s Showtime Magazine did a cover story on them on 2/7/20.

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